Paris St.-Germain: New details about Mauro Icardi’s affair: He wanted an open marriage – football

This detail probably got the marriage crisis in motion for Mauro Icardi (28) in the first place!

The Paris Saint-Germain striker is said to have suggested to his wife Wanda Nara (34) months ago to have an open relationship.

Argentine media write: “He allegedly couldn’t breathe. He never doubted the love he has for her. But he would have offered her to enter into another relationship without feeling guilty. ”

Wanda declined the offer – the start of the most turbulent marriage in the Champions League.

Journalist Yanina Latorre says on the television program Los Ángeles de La Mañana (El Trece): “Icardi let Wanda Nara drive her to training, but he made her condition that he did not stop playing football. You started talking. He wants them to close the Instagram account, but before she closes it she has to post a photo of the couple. In return, he promises her eternal loyalty. He also doesn’t want her to work as an influencer for events and for her to travel alone in a private plane. “

What had happened between the two of them? Icardi is said to have cheated on his wife with actress María Eugenia “China” Suárez (29). In the past few days, there was a back and forth on Instagram with love messages from the PSG star (“Thank you for being the engine of our life. I love you”) and posts from Wanda (“Good morning. I like mine.” Hand better without ring ”) on the other side.

After the love between the two seemed to be about to end, calm has only just returned to the most turbulent marriage of the Champions League.

But: His affair Eugenia Suarez (5.5 million Insta subscribers) recently poured fuel on the fire.

Suárez: “I did not initiate, promote or cause this situation” – she writes in a series of stories on Instagram – “I always believed that they were separated.” The Argentine model confirms the rumors, but does not want to destroy the family go through: “Only I pay the cost of the image of a happy family, not the man who was irrational or made a mistake.”

Wanda immediately hit back in her Instagram stories, posted a collage of photos they shared and wrote: “I take care of my family. To the H *** life itself … “

There is no end in sight to the Icardis cheating scandal. But at least you now know how it all started.



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