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After a long, long time there were competitions for our local judokas again. The last competition of the Attendorn judoka was on March 8th, 2020.

The training started again after the summer vacation, but the following schedule is quite tight. So it came about that on the first weekend in October the district champions and West German champions were determined for almost all youth classes. For the trainers Christian and Florian, this was a special challenge, as the competitions were held in different locations.

The West German championships took place in Herne for our youngsters in the U18. Lena Cistaro, Felix Ohm and Roman Rudi represented the colors of TV Attendorn there. Despite quite large and strong fields of participants, they fought for placements between 7th and 9th place.

At the same time, the youth classes U11, U13 and U15 had their district championships in Holzwickede.

Pia and Damien Cistaro started in the U11. Pia came 3rd among the girls. Damien had by far the largest starting field that day. With two won fights and two defeats he got an excellent 5th place. Julia Smirnov and Leonie Cistaro took to the mat for the U13 girls for TV Attendorn. Both could achieve a 3rd place on the podium.

Colin Kremer did his best with the boys. In the end, 5th place jumped out. Janna Götzen started in the U15. She came a little unfortunate to the 5th place and thus narrowly missed the qualification for the West German championship.

It also started again for the over 30s seniors. This time the German Judo Association made a guest appearance for its national championships in Bad Homburg. Here Jörg Götzen was able to repeat his success, the runner-up title, from 2 years ago in the M4 age group.

Thus ended an exhausting weekend for the judoka of TV Attendorn. Everyone was satisfied and happy to be able to fight on the mat again.



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