Death of Christophe Ramassamy: “It’s a great loss for Reunion football”

Around 9 p.m. this Friday evening at Le Tampon, Christophe Ramassamy, a 54-year-old footballer, suffered a fatal heart attack. The emergency services could do nothing to revive him.

Around 9 p.m. this Friday, October 15, a tragedy occurred at Tampon. While a football match was taking place at Bras de Pontho, a player collapsed to the ground.

The player collapses in the middle of a football match

Christophe ramassamy, died in the middle of a Cup match. The retired referee, still passionate about football, played in the Vétérans de l’Éperon team, against that of AS Saint Yves.

Barely after 20 minutes of play, he collapsed on the pitch, under the eyes of the Saint Yves player, Jean Roland Giron, still in shock. “8:50 p.m. the referee whistled for X reason, we ran towards him, he collapsed.”

While waiting for help, a doctor member of the team tries to bring him back to life, to no avail.

“Very well known in the arbitral world”

Alerted, the firefighters take charge of the man, the player is in cardio-respiratory arrest (ACR). Despite the care given, they fail to revive him.

“The emergency services took over, just after, they did everything, with the Samu, the firefighters. It’s a great loss for Reunion football. He was very well known in the refereeing community. We lose someone dear to Reunion Island. especially his family “, continues Alfred Bellune, president of AS Saint Yves.

54-year-old Christophe Ramassamy had a solid reputation as a referee in Reunion Island. He leaves the world of Reunionese football behind him in mourning.



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