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“Better than LeBron and Jordan”, “President of the USA”, homophobic remarks: Delonte West has plunged again

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We thought he was on the road to recovery, finally out of the woods, but above all, that he could not fall any lower. However, a few days ago, Delonte West was still sadly talked about in Florida, as evidenced by an exclusive video published by the magazine TMZ and which once again moved the followers of the orange ball across the Atlantic.

Because the former leader of the Cavaliers has once again completely tripped, as evidenced by the film that the media has obtained. Under the obvious influence of alcohol and drugs, the ex-NBAer went to the Boynton Beach police station where he allegedly banged the windows of the establishment and was said to be very vehement towards the forces of order, making incoherent and violent remarks.

“I am the President of the United States. I was better than LeBron James, I am better than Jordan…”


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I have come to save you and help you, for I am the President of the United States. I am the president of Jesus, and I am the president of the United States as well. You’re talking to the fucking commander-in-chief there. (…) I was better than LeBron James. I am better than Jordan. I’m the best to ever play this sport‘, can we understand in particular in the video which also contains a lot of homophobic remarks.

In total, no less than three charges were assigned to the former Boston Celtics franchise player as a result of the event. Not enough to fix the fate of the 38-year-old man who had been helped in recent months.

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Placed on the mend, West branched off again

Everything seemed to indicate that LeBron James’ former teammate was on the road to redemption just a few weeks ago. While his former president Mark Cuban had found him doing the round, under the influence of drugs in a service station in Dallas in September 2020, Delonte West had been accompanied by the owner of the Dallas Mavericks to get out of business. The latter had also allowed him to be admitted to detoxification, paying him the admission.

The former point guard had also received a lot of support from players in the league, including his former teammates, including LeBron James. Going to the clinic, reintegration program and even a new job, the Washington DC native seemed to want to break with his last chaotic years. In vain.

Ravaged by alcohol, drugs, debt and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, West has lost everything. The former 24th pick of the 2004 draft is now awaiting trial next November where he will be tried for his last outings. Hoping that after these many incidents, Delonte West manages to raise his head and get out of this dark spiral.

Mark Cuban with Delonte West before a meeting between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors in April 2012.

Credit: Getty Images


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