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On this Sunday afternoon it was definitely worth taking a look behind the numbers. It was clear from the start that FC Bayern would win 5-1 in a charity match against a lower-class opponent, since such games have ended like this for decades. However, the opponent wasn’t all that bad, they had a little playmaker who looked very young but moved pretty well. And this long center forward, Schick or something, he could do something, maybe he even played better. And a few other guys from that team also looked like they might, with a bit of luck, make it close to professional football.

A few questions remained open after Bayern’s 5-1 win. Why did the coach Nagelsmann offer his top team in such an unimportant game? Why didn’t he spare his heroes for competitive games like the one in the Champions League on Wednesday in Lisbon? And what nobody said to you: what kind of benefit game was that actually, what kind of good cause was it about?

What is certain is that the good cause cannot have been the Bundesliga. Unfortunately, she has nothing at all from this game.

The Bundesliga was so naive as to believe in an exciting top game

FC Bayern is accused of vandalism and willful destruction, it is ruining the Bundesliga. With a touch of terrible naivete, the league was actually a bit excited about their top game, second against first, Leverkusen against Bayern. When the potential world footballer Robert Lewandowski then scored a goal with the hoe after four minutes, the challenger Leverkusen shrank to the district selection.

The days when Bayern were accused of “Bayern duds” after narrow victories are over, now the league is suffering from a Bayern horror. Bayern can only be impressed by a defeat like against Frankfurt insofar as they then simply shoot the second in the table away on the next match day. For the time being, the league has no choice but to determine: It doesn’t matter if Munich accidentally sign Sarr, Odriozola, Cuisance or Roca – their financial advantage over the decades is so great that they say goodbye to defensive aces ( Alaba) or top coaches (Flick) react by recruiting defensive aces (Upamecano) and top coaches (Nagelsmann). And games like that 5: 1 may spread boredom in terms of dramaturgy, but they are of the greatest importance for Bayern – especially in the current market situation in Europe. Such games are powerful statements both internally and externally. They help players like Kimmich, Goretzka and Gnabry to continue to give preference to the more familiar Munich over clubs run by the emirate or oligarchs.

Is there anything that can give the Bundesliga hope after this Sunday afternoon? Maybe that: The district team from Leverkusen won the second half 1-0.


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