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Pall.Trapani: Home defeat for Trapani

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2B Control Trapani vs Staff Mantova 64-72

Partials: (17-17; 32-33; 53-48; 64-72).

2B Control Trapani: Childs 19 (8/15), Wiggs 12 (4/8, 1/6), Palermo 10 (2/5, 2/5), Mollura 9 (0/1, 2/6), Tomasini 7 (1/4, 0/5), Guyana 6 (2/6), Biordi 1 (0/1), Basciano (0/1 from three), Minor, Kovachev no, Longo no.

Trainer: Daniele Parente.

Staff Mantova: Stojanovic 20 (7/13, 1/3), Iannuzzi 19 (8/14), Laganà 9 (2/4, 1/2), Thompson 7 (3/9, 0/5), Saladini 6 (2/2 from three), Ferrara 5 (2/3), Mastellari 4 (1/4, 0/2), Basso 2 (1/2), Cortese ne, Verazzo ne.

Trainer: Gennaro Di Carlo.

Referees: Moretti, Di Toro, Marzulli.

DRILLS. Internal defeat for Pallacanestro Trapani who lost the comparison with Mantua with the final result of 64 to 72. A match in balance for the whole match, before the tear in the last five minutes by the host team, good at stretching in the moment decisive also exploiting the physical fatigue of Trapani which presented itself without Freemason and Taflaj. Three men in double figures for the grenades (Childs, Wiggs and Palermo), while Stojanovic was the best scorer with 20 personal points.

1st ROOM: Coach Parente ranks the quintet made up of Palermo, Wiggs, Guaiana, Mollura and Childs. Di Carlo responds with Laganà, Stojanovic, Mastellari, Thompson and Iannuzzi. The game starts with Childs and Stojanovic’s baskets from the area, while Wiggs gets up from three points. Iannuzzi, Wiggs, Stojanovic and Palermo make a penetration, while Laganà’s basket brings Mantua forward (7 ’11-12). Mollura and Iannuzzi make one out of two from the line, Thompson realizes from below, while Guaiana scores the bomb of the tie. Laganà is precise to the free, while Tomasini with the arrest and shot closes the fourth on 17 even.

2nd ROOM: The race resumes with Saladini’s triple, while Wiggs and Stojanovic realize from below. Mollura achieves the triple of minus two, but Basso re-extends for Mantua, with Parente calling for a minute of suspension (17 ’24-28). Mollura makes two out of two to the free, Laganà responds from below, while Childs is accurate from the average. Guaiana gets up from three points, Iannuzzi and Wiggs make one out of two from the line. Stojanovic closes the fraction on 32-33.

3rd ROOM: After the long break, Childs first scored from the media and then from the line, while Iannuzzi equalized the hostilities again (22 ’35-35). Biordi makes one out of two to the free, Stojanovic is precise from below, as well as Mastellari to the free. Iannuzzi scores from the average, but Palermo responds from long distance with two triples (26 ’42-41). Wiggs extends in penetration, Iannuzzi and Childs score from below, while Stojanovic takes Mantova on minus one. Mollura realizes from three points, Thompson scores at the end of the twenty-four seconds, while Childs in speed places the two points on the glass. Tomasini makes two out of two to the free, while Ferrara makes only one, closing the fourth on 53 a 48.

4th ROOM: Saladini scores from three points, Childs from the average, while Ferrara scores four points in a row. Tomasini is surgical from the line, making three free throws, while Thompson equalized the match with a three-point game (35 ’58-58). Another two plus one for Iannuzzi, while Stojanovic with the help of the scoreboard makes the triple that brings Parente to the time-out (36 ’58-64). Childs tries to unlock the grenades, while Stojanovic makes one out of two to free and Iannuzzi scores from below. Stojanovic’s free throws and Laganà’s triple seal Mantua’s victory with the final result of 64 a 72.

Daniele Parente (basketball coach Trapani): “We played an excellent game for 35 minutes but then we repeated the same mistakes as Treviglio when we gave up our heads, stopped playing and refused open shots. We conceded too much in easy situations but, despite our limitations and absences, we made our game plan. This defeat must represent an important step in our growth path. We have to raise our level of play for 40 minutes and we have to learn to be more concrete, especially by capitalizing more when we are ahead ”.

Gennaro Di Carlo (coach Staff Mantova): “Congratulations to Trapani as she managed to play evenly despite the many absences. We were good at respecting our match plan, reading the key moments of the match and we stretched when it was time to give the decisive break. We have capitalized the most from these two trips to Sicily but now we must not disperse this small booty as early as next Sunday at home “

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