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América de Cali: Deinner Quiñones declares balance and present in the Betplay League 2021 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

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América de Cali has a key commitment this Saturday in its aspiration to classify the home runs of the BetPlay II-2021 League, when it faces its eternal rival, Deportivo Cali, in the Pascual Guerrero.

Coach Juan Carlos Osorio hopes that the team will advance in their football idea and is excited about the return of creative Daniel Hernández, who was injured several dates ago when they defeated Once Caldas. However, Deinner Quiñones has his most destabilizing player.

Quiñones, in conversation with the ‘Super Combo del Deporte Cali’, preferred to tone down its importance within the operation of the squad and prefers that the progression was of the group: “I prefer to prioritize the collective, we continue to improve, but there are things to correct , I am left with the good impression we had in the last match, before they say that today I am the best player on the team, “he said to the aforementioned program.

As for what he has seen to adapt soon to what the red coach wants, he pointed out that “all, without exception, we have been taking the idea more and more, we must strengthen it game after game, hopefully it comes accompanied by very good results , is what the fan wants. This Saturday I think it will be a good scenario to add 3 and at the same time to get stronger at home, we are working based on that ”.

About the lack of definition that has become repetitive, he said that “first, you have to take into account that the teacher’s idea is very offensive, so you have to take risks, therefore, that leaves a little exposed to the defense We have been working in a balanced way, starting from scratch and having a very good attack. Those are things to improve, I think we have been doing things well, but the most difficult thing in football is scoring goals and in that part we are working insistently so that they do not score goals and we can make a difference ”.

On the imminent return of Daniel Hernández, the natural creative of the scarlet cast, Deinner said: “We all know the trajectory and conditions of Daniel, we consider him to be one of the most important players in the team, we hope he is ready to do his bit. sand, in the end the sum of all will make America grow more football, accompanied by good results, which is what is urgent today. We have been playing much better and having a clearer idea. If he arrives in his best conditions, an extra hand would not be a bad thing for those of us who are available for the ‘teacher’, he is one of the best references of the team ”.

He also spoke of the position in which he feels better: “Personally I feel good as long as I am in the rectangle, my desire is to play where the ‘teacher’ needs me and I will try to do my best and contribute to the team.”

Another detail that did not go unnoticed in the match against Millonarios was the grab between Elvis Segura and Rodrigo Ureña, who he described as follows: football and it usually happens, it became a clean slate and it was simply to be focused on the game, they are players who are important to us and because of the heat of the game they had that friction, but everything died there ”.

Finally, he referred to the tricolor team that disputes the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers: “I have good feelings with the Colombian National Team, they are players who have been playing for a long time, with the ‘teacher’ Reinaldo Rueda I have not had any approaches, I work based on that and I hope to continue performing in America. Things are being done well, as in all Selection there are things to improve, but the ‘teacher’ will take care of that. I work based on that, that with what has been done, “why not be called sometime”.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
In Twitter: @ marquitosgarcés


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