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The Warriors can avoid the end of Marc Gasol in the NBA – Marseille News

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NBA doesn’t want to fire so soon Marc Gasol. Although the idea of ​​the Spanish pivot is to stay in the country with his family and try his luck at the club of which he is president, the Girona basketball, there is a team behind the player to prevent this situation from turning from thought to reality. Warriors of the Golden State He has you in mind to complete the model, in which there is only one gap.

Anthony V. Slater, of., Talks about this possibility in a review of names that can advance to the place that remains in the Warriors: “Gasol is a name to consider. He almost signed for the Warriors last year. happens, but he has the ability to pass and the exact set of moves that have traditionally been married to Kerr’s best offensive systems, much like David West or Andrew Bogut. ”

The LEB continues to be the favorite destination of a Marc Gasol who has left no other clues than what has been said in previous years, who has a special affection for Girona for having been where it blew up before going to the United States, which is why he started a club out of nowhere to bring basketball back to town when the other was gone, and he would like to end his brilliant career there.

Marc and the Lakers split a few weeks ago and the Spaniard ended up with the Grizzlies, who called him off at the player’s request.

In San Francisco, other names are being considered for 15th place on campus. The favorite is Gary Payton, although for outside positions Isaiah Thomas, Ryan Arcidiacono and retiree Darren Collison have been tested.

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