NBA, Tyler Herro shows his new physique and is teased: ‘Anti-doping coming?’. PHOTO

The second year in the NBA’s Tyler Herro it was definitely less impressive than the first, with rumors of off-pitch behavior that the Miami Heat didn’t like very much. However, the Florida franchise has always reiterated in Pat Riley’s public words and in fact the trust in the young Milwaukee native guard, without selling it on the market despite the possibilities. AND Tyler Herro apparently took summer very seriously to work on his body: in a photo posted on Instagram you can see it a much more developed physique than the first two years in the league, both in the upper and in the lower part. A body that will certainly allow him to withstand more contacts in the offensive half and, hopefully, have greater impact in the defensive one, decidedly deficient in his first two years in the league net of a great propensity to rebound.


Fox posts a photo and ends up in anti-doping

The post however led several people to to comment ironically that an anti-doping test is on the way: the reference is to what happened to De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings, who after showing a photo in the weight room was contacted by the NBA offices for an immediate test. Will it also happen to the young man of the Heat?



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