[Judo] Trapp has nothing to lose

Noah Trapp, in contention today, will be the only Luxembourg representative at the event. His first major championship.

He is 17 years old “soon to be 18”, including 11 of judo behind him. “I started at 6 years old after trying tennis or football but I didn’t like it. Judo, I immediately hooked. I like the contact with the opponents. ” He is Noah Trapp, the only Luxembourg fighter to be lined up for these U21 European Championships at home, à la Coque. Small, the boy was short and skinny. So much so that he admired Naohisa Takato, a Japanese judoka: “Around the age of 10-12, I knew that I wanted to do judo seriously. I dreamed of being an Olympic champion. When I saw Takato, I could relate to him because he was the smallest in his class. ” The Japanese fighter also became Olympic champion in Tokyo this summer in the -60 kg category, that of Noah Trapp.


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