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Matīss Mežaks wins the third place in the ‘Motul Grand Prix’ competition in Biķernieki

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On Saturday, the final stage of the Baltic Motorway Championship “Motul Grand Prix” took place on Biķernieki track, where the most exciting events took place for the participants in the crowded “BMW 325 Cup” class, where the fastest of Latvian pilots was Matīss Mežaks.

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30 participants entered the BMW 325 Cup class. Carmen Krava, a 15-year-old Estonian, won a surprising victory in the qualifying race. Next to the first line was the vice-leader of the championship Edvīns Žadeiks, and in the third place the leader of the championship Karolis Jovaiša.

At the start of the race, Jovaiša took the lead, with Latvian driver Artjoms Kočlamazašvili in the back. Matīss Mežaks demonstrated a great performance on the wet track, who quickly overcame the competitors in the tenth starting places and reached the second position. At the finish of the first race, Jovaišas won, the second Mežaks, the third place went to Lithuanian Jonas Ramanauskas, and the fourth place went to Konstantīns Calko.

Matīss Mežaks took the lead in the second race of the competition, closely followed by Edvins Žadeiks and Karolis Jovaiša. In the fight for the first place, Mežaks gave in to Žadeikas and started defending himself against Jovaiša. In the last bend of the Biķernieki track, Lithuanian athlete Jovaiša performed an overtaking maneuver with little contact between the two riders, as a result of which Mežaks drove off the track and lost three positions. At the finish of the trip, first Žadeiks, second Jovaiša, third and fourth place for Estonian athletes Romet Reisin and Enar-Klaus Kunman; Uldis Timaks fifth, but Matīss Mežaks sixth.

In the totality of both trips, the first Karolis Jovaiša, the second Edvins Žadeiks, and the third step of the podium for Matīss Mežaks.

In the overall rating of the season, Karolis Jovaišs won, Edvins Žadeiks took the second place, and Krišjānis Oskerko from Latvia took the third place. A total of 55 participants took part in the season.

In “BTC2” class, Atis Veismanis won the first race, which before the second race allowed to achieve the same number of points as the season’s main competitor Simo Lind from Estonia. However, a technical defect in the second race prevented Weismanis from fighting for the victory in the overall rating. Arnis Baumanis sixth place in the sum of two trips.

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