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Júsuf had a significant share in the turnover, but we still cannot use it to the full, Kozel admitted after a turn with Boleslav

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Radek Petrášek, ČTK

Every victory counts, but how valuable is this win in the situation of Liberec?

Horribly! Another defeat at home would be unpleasant for us. The opponent played mainly the first half well. We tugged at the shorter end. In the beginning we had something else in advance, but over time Boleslav was better. We had a problem with rotation, a high game of extreme players. We had a problem in the back.

Which Boleslav used after half an hour of play.

Probably deservedly so. But from the team, I felt at half-time that the players were angry with themselves, that we could play better, more aggressively and make it more unpleasant for our opponents. I am glad that the performance in the second half has improved from this point of view. There were still a lot of errors and inaccuracies, but the opponent didn’t play us anymore and we had a little more out of the game. In the end, we turned the match around by force of will. The substituting players clearly helped us. Changes in the line-up also had a positive effect on the game.

Liberec coach Luboš Kozel.

Radek Petrášek, ČTK

Did you believe that in the current crisis in Liberec, the team will find the strength to turn around?

I would probably lie if I said that in the 80th minute at 0: 1 I believed that we would win. But I believed that we would create a chance and that we would be able to score a goal. We already had quite an offensive line-up, there were three attackers, two of them fresh … The more valuable the win. Football is also about mistakes. We also recorded a red card for Skalák. After the settlement, Boleslav focused only on the defense, which we were able to use quickly.

How big a share did Júsuf Hilál have in the turnover?

Essential. He scored one goal and passed the other. We know what he can do. But it came in a state that we cannot use it to the fullest at the outset. Now he was on the edge of the time period we wanted to give him. Again, we don’t want him to get hurt from excessive effort or fatigue. We want to step up his burden. We believe that after the national team break he will be ready for a much larger part of the match and the team will be stronger with him. For him, it is a question of health and fitness.

He came at the last minute with Dominik Plechatý and Christ Tiéhi. How did they fit into the team?

Plechy was in the last round with Pardubice at the goal, the performance was not ideal. He was better now. We have young stoppers (Chaluš, Plechatý) and I think they can be very promising for Slovan in the future. In addition, they played together in the under-21 national team. We bet on it. And Christ showed his football last time, reading the game. He is calm on the ball, he has a lot of gains, and he also plays constructively. It’s good for him.


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