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This Monday the fourth era of Julio Comesaña began as the new coach of Deportivo Independiente Medellín, the red team from Antioquia is preparing for its next match, for the tenth date in League II-2021 against Once Caldas at Atanasio. The Uruguayan defined his coaching staff with whom he began to work with the squad at the sports headquarters of the red team in Llanogrande, eastern Antioquia.

The team’s physical trainer will also be the Uruguayan Jorge Franco, with extensive experience, he is a man of strong temperament and a lot of confidence for Professor Comesaña. Franco, arrived in Medellín since last Friday to join as a physical trainer of the professional team. He has extensive experience as a physical trainer in clubs in Colombia, Honduras, Mexico and even in the selected one from his native country, Uruguay, Franco comes to the club to accompany the process developed by Professor Comesaña, as he did in his last work experience in Colombia, for 4 years. Jorge will also be accompanied by David Zuleta as physical trainer number two, in responsibility for the physical conditioning of the first team.

As he revealed in a press conference, Comesaña wanted a man from the house to be the technical assistant, which is why he chose David Montoya, who for the first time was promoted to the professional team. David, who has been part of the institution for eight years as technical director of the club’s basic forces process, was already champion of the Antioquia league with the First A category in 2018, in addition to the league title obtained in 2002 as a team player Red.

As goalkeeper coach, Didier Muñoz will continue in the team, who arrived with Hernán Darío Gómez and after his good work with the goalkeepers, the club decided to leave this strategist with the red goal.

Medellín will continue preparing during this week what will be the commitment next Friday, for the tenth date against Once Caldas as a local. This coaching staff has the responsibility of putting DIM on the winning path in the only tournament that has options to continue advancing.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
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