FC Barcelona: They reveal the burofax of Leo Messi to Bartomeu in which he informed of his intention to leave Barcelona

Fwas an informational bomb and the start of the processor, with ups and downs, that has ended a year later with Leo Messi out of the Barcelona Football Club.

On August 24, 2020, Messi and his surroundings they wrote a letter to Josep Mara Bartomeu, sent through a bureaufax, in which the Argentine, fed up with the club’s sports and institutional crisis, made clear his intentions to leave the team on the 30th of that month, making a clause in the contract that allows him to unilaterally free himself. That burofax has now been revealed by Mundo Deportivo.

In the letter, signed by Lionel Andrs Messi himself, specifies the terms of that clause by which he was left free, which produced interpretations and that finally he did not allow Messi to free himself from Bara on those dates.

Leo, who ended his contract a year later, on June 30, 2021, He remained in the Bara, hopeful with the electoral process of that campaign, waiting for a change of course in the direction of the club, as it happened.

The rest of the story, from so close, we know: Joan Laporta won the elections, encouraged among other things by his promise that Messi will continue at Bara if he was the winner.

But finished the electoral process the renewal of the Argentine did not come, harassed the club by the financial problems inherited from the previous stage. Leo stayed free after June 30, despite which Laporta sent reassuring messagess about the permanence of crack.

Finally, and advanced by MARCA, on August 5, Bara issues a statement informing of the separation of the ways of the entity and the player, alleging the impossibility of registering him in LaLiga due to the economic control of the competition.

Five days later his signing for PSG became official.



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