Benítez talks about James Rodríguez and his future at Everton: he won’t be against Burnley, Premier | Colombians Abroad

Rafa Benítez did not modify his opinion one iota and will not negotiate on the future of James Rodríguez. This was made clear in his last press conference, in which he paid special attention to the situation of the Colombian.

Benítez explained that, although the Colombian is training with the team, “he is not at the level of everyone else in terms of physical condition for the match” this Monday against Burnley for the Premier League.

The DT is very attentive to the behavior of the Colombian, and so he let it be seen at the press conference: “I have seen the comments on social networks that he has made. Obviously they were made during a window in which he was available. Now we only have the from the Middle East. If he stays, he will have to show an attitude to be part of the team, “he said, in a tone that is not at all promising for the future of the player.

One more sentence to make it clear that he knows what his most expensive player invests his time in and what he expects of him: “I think he has discovered that he must improve many things, show his commitment.”

In fact, by Monday, he will not even be in the call: “Obviously the team is doing well, the players understand what we want them to do. He has to understand that, he has to adapt to the team. We will try to get the best of it. of each one “, added the DT.

Benítez remains immovable in his decision not to count on him and that was clear when he talks about the left-hander’s frustrated departure. In fact, he seems to be getting in the way: “I wasn’t in the conversation, I know there were clubs that were interested. You know the problems with financial fair play … so it was important to make room for other players. No We were able to do it. We have to handle it, “he said.

As it was, it didn’t do much for James to say he’s “fit, fit” on Twitch this Thursday, as his boss at Everton is still a long way from that. The outlook is dark for the player, who does not seem to have a chance to play with Benítez and that takes him away from the continuity that they ask for in the Colombian National Team.



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