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Anthony Davis tackled by a Lakers legend!

by archysport

If Russell Westbrook and LeBron James have been making a lot of talk since the start of the summer, Anthony Davis will also be in the game. The interior is becoming more discreet and yet its role will be very important for the coming season. A legend of the Lakers made him understand, especially concerning his potential change of position.

At the Lakers for a few years now, Anthony Davis has not had a very hectic summer in terms of media. He can thank LeBron James, who again made people talk about him thanks to his vacation, but especially to the arrival of Russell Westbrook. A Big Three in the City of Angels? All eyes are on him to see if he can meet expectations.

Most recently, Unibrow was spotted in a single daily outing. The opportunity to power judge, or not, of his physical transformation. Either way, Davis knows he needs to be in good shape for the coming season. After an elimination in the first round of the playoffs, the Angelinos certainly do not want to experience another disappointment.

For this, Frank Vogel’s staff is preparing some changes, according to Agent Rich Paul. Hallway noise? That LeBron and AD will change jobs, to glide as a strong winger and pivot respectively. Statistically, this is Davis’ strong point, which is much better. But it’s a change that has been bothering him for years.

Why such a refusal? For the physical dimension. Defending imposing interiors throughout the campaign is tedious. Davis therefore prefers to defend slightly smaller sizes. This change is not confirmed, since the Lakers have recruited Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan. However, for the legend James Worthy, the main concerned will have to roll up his sleeves.

I wasn’t one of those players who could say ‘I don’t want to play at position 4 or 5.’ I don’t know what the problem is, maybe who is going to defend who. But I think the pivot position is good for him, because no one has a chance to defend him. You have to force your opponents to make adjustments. Him in pivot, forcing Gobert out of the paint, the Lakers can take advantage of it.

Yes, Davis is much better at Station 5. Vogel will have to figure that out quickly, just to increase the chances of Los Angeles. Howard and Jordan are warned, Davis will be there too to take a few minutes. It’s up to him to make an effort, all this to get a new title.

Anthony Davis at station 5? This will be one of the keys to the Lakers for this new season. The interior will be eagerly awaited, with Westbrook and LeBron. The fans, in any case, can’t wait to see this trio in action.

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