Viral Change Greysia/Apriyani Racket at the Tokyo Olympics

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The moment Greysia Polii changes racket in the middle of the women’s doubles final Tokyo Olympics netizens are still busy talking about, some even edited the video clip so that it became funny.

Success Greysia/Apriyani Winning Olympic gold is still a byword for Indonesian people. The realm of social media is still discussing the historical achievements of the women’s doubles pair, the mainstay of the Cipayung national training.

One of the moments that are still hotly discussed is towards the end of the match, when Greysia/Apriyani won 18-10 over Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan.

In a long rally, Greysia’s strings broke, so the veteran Indonesian player had to change rackets and leave Apriyani on the field to face Chen/Jia.

Despite being left by Greysia, Apriyani was able to give resistance to the Chinese couple. Even then after Greysia re-entered the field, the Indonesian pair won the 19th point.

In addition to the conversation and video clips of the moment, there are also videos that have been edited by netizens so that they make a funny impression.

Replacing rackets in the middle of a long rally is not the first time this has been done by Greysia/Apriyani. Some netizens displayed the action of the world number six pair changing rackets in the middle of the Spain Masters match.

Not only discussed by netizens, several foreign media also highlighted the seconds of Greysia leaving the field and taking a new racket.

Changing rackets in the doubles sector is quite common, but not all racket changes are smooth. There are times when the situation backfires because the opponent takes advantage of the number of people.

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