The western defense left some doubts against the Texans

Again, the Cowboys lose a preseason game again. And the new executioners were the Houston Texans with a score of 20-14 at AT&T Stadium. With failures on both sides of the ball, it must be made clear that the defensive aspect left serious doubts. Especially since the team came out with all the headlines, except for DeMarcus Lawrence. Who as a precaution will not see action on the field of play until September.

There are certain specific aspects in the match that did not convince the cowgirl defense. Especially in the first quarter, after the fumble that Garrett Gilbert would receive that would eventually recover Texans defensive end Charles Omenihu.

You can understand that it was only 23 yards for Houston, but the first rival offense took care of the rushing game without problems. In all, they were 16 yards on a total of four carries. Where the last of them would be a two-yard touchdown by running back Mark Ingram. This would kick off the scoreboard. In a lot of situations that could be stopped, but not achieved.

Of the linebackers corps, certainly Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith continue to suffer on the plays. As you could see in that offensive series by the Texans. Joining them was rookie Micah Parsons, who responded very well by putting pressure on the opponent. However, it was also not enough to prevent the score.

You could even say that the western defense did a decent job against the Texans. However, the rival offense was extremely poor, and with everything and that, they did not achieve recoveries. Contrary to the Houston team, who at the end of the day, not only recovered a ball, but three more interceptions from Dallas quarterback Ben DiNucci. The Texans defense got the job done, the Cowboys certainly didn’t. And as you know, practically all the headlines were at the meeting. Being really irrelevant in most cases.

While the Texans’ first offensive drive was a nightmare for the Dallas defense, the total rushing yards they allowed were 89. This is a number that looks extremely odd from what we just talked about from the headlines. Against the Steelers, they only allowed 76 yards. While against Arizona they were a total of 168, but it should be noted that in this meeting many more elements of the bench were tested. And the Texans’ offense has been the weakest the Cowboys have faced so far in the preseason. In addition, against the Cardinals they did manage to have a recovery thanks to Keanu Neal.

Much can be said that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was not calling the plays from the booth, since he left through quarantine protocols 90 minutes before the game. Instead, Joe Whitt Jr. took it upon himself to do it. However, there is a real concern about the lack of staff engagement and most importantly, not making recoveries from an offense as earthy as the Texans. Certainly, the protagonists of the meeting were the rival defenders. Those who knew how to do things with the opportunities they had.

According to head coach Mike McCarthy, the starting elements will see no action in the game against the Jaguars on Sunday, August 29. So there remain this pile of doubts regarding the level of the starting defense and they will not jump the field again until September 9 against Tampa Bay. In what will be the official start of the 2021 season.

Of course, not everything can be bad either. Safety Malik Hooker finally made his Dallas debut after spending a lot of weeks adjusting to practice. He ended the match with two solo tackles. What he has to offer against Jacksonville on Sunday next week will definitely have to be seen.

Evaluations will come regarding everything that happened. But it is really hoped that this lack of recoveries will not happen against Tampa Bay. It’s really worrisome and all the defensive elements on the roster must do their part to avoid these negative results. The season is just around the corner and the Buccaneers are not an easy opponent.


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