Jürgen Klopp reveals on BILD on TV – That’s why I don’t wear glasses – football

Top-class cast at BILD Live, the BILD TV channel!

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp (54) was in the studio for “InTORnational”.

In an interview with BILD sports director Matthias Brügelmann, Klopp spoke about …

… the start of the season with two wins from two games: “More is really not possible. It’s all cool. We’ve got off to a decent start so far, but not anymore. The game against Burnley was super intense. We controlled it as well as we can control it. So far everything is fine, nothing to complain about. “

… his Sundays: “I don’t have family Sundays because we have training. Then there are a few more things to do. The day off in a new week is Monday. So I have time off with the hairdressers. Then I can go outside, the dog has to go out. Sometimes I also do a little sport. “

… the return of fans in England: “Out of the ordinary. Great. We haven’t had it for so long, it was 529 days for us. I never would have thought that I would have to go without it for so long. That was the start and hopefully it should stay that way so that the situation around the world improves so that you don’t only see such pictures in English stadiums. There were moments when it was difficult to hold back tears. It’s not just the salt in the soup, it’s the soup at that. It’s only a real game if you can enjoy the atmosphere. “

… the difficult last season: “The biggest problem was that we had to play without a defense. Van Dijk, Matip and Gomez have dropped out. It took us a long time to deal with it. Our structure was just gone. We couldn’t play what was normal for us before. Third place is just as important as the championship title the year before. “

… the championship fight in the Bundesliga: “The chance for Dortmund is there. Both teams still have problems with their line-up, many players are missing. A season is long, after the next international break the really intense phase begins. Then the frame width is required. Dortmund have a good squad. I don’t know whether he’s better than Bayern, but he’s good enough to cause Bayern problems. “

… BVB-Star Erling Haaland: “The danger is of course with such an extraordinary talent. The boy is a force of nature. When he celebrated a goal, he hit the ball on the ground, so I wasn’t sure if there was a dent in the ground. Sooner or later he will be in discussion with large clubs. I don’t know if that will be the case next year, but then Dortmund will have to counter it. “

… a possible interest in Haaland: “He’s just a really interesting player. I really like the energy he brings to the pitch. But he would generally be seen by most of the teams. “

… the Haaland frustration when conceding goals: “If a goal is scored at the back, something has already been done wrong at the front. He should also think about that in such situations. But he is still young and can still develop. “

… the buying frenzy of PSG and Manchester City: “You can only play with eleven games. It’s not about who has the eleven best or most spectacular players on the pitch, but who makes the best of what they have together. Who will make the most of their options? That is not unfair, it is just the topicality. A squad has to work. It’s not that much fun when you have 40 players and 22 of them are not in a good mood any weekend. With us, all players have a right to exist and are very satisfied. But bringing in players just doesn’t make sense. “

… Messi’s move from Barcelona to Paris “It’s also blue-red, so the difference isn’t that big. It’s difficult to imagine. But Barcelona are currently bathing the financial issues of the past. It is very, very rare that you go somewhere, really hit the plaster and then don’t have to pay. “

… the overwhelming power of the sheikh clubs: “Paris played 4-2 against Brest. If you see the names of Paris you’d expect it to be 8-0 – but it was 4-2. The nice thing about football is that nobody knows beforehand who will win. Some have better chances, some worse. But everyone has a chance. That’s what I think is great about football. “

… a possible contract extension in Liverpool beyond 2024: “There’s no point in adding something, because it’s still so long gone. How should I know what’s in three years? Most of them don’t even know where they will be in two or three weeks. “

… a possible Flick successor in 2024: “If it ends for me in Liverpool in 2024, then there will be a year’s vacation first. Hansi Flick’s contract would have to run until 2025 for it to be an option for me. Nobody has to call me in 2024. “

… Gerd Müller (✝︎ 75): “That was the 1974 final, that was around my birthday. The goal he scored on Rainer Bonhof’s cross. It feels like I’ve seen 800 more goals from him after that. Along with Franz Beckenbauer, he was the player who shaped me the most in terms of football. He was an extremely personable, down-to-earth, reserved guy who may have found the goal instinct that has shaped FC Bayern like no other, who has unfortunately not been so good in recent years. Sometimes as a family member you have the feeling that it is okay for someone to leave. I don’t know if it was like that with Müller, but if so, then he’s in a better place now. “

… the reason why he no longer wears glasses: “Actually, it’s totally private, but I can also clear it up once. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was ten years old – that’s 44 years. The problem in recent years was that the glasses could no longer correct my poor eyesight. The solution to this was a minor intervention. It wasn’t lasering or anything, but it made me see very well without glasses at the moment. I find my face weird without glasses, but I don’t need them anymore. I may need one more. When that happens, I’ll wear glasses again. “

… the Chancellor Race in Germany: “If you had the opportunity to ask these two people a question, think about it beforehand. You will be aware that they are following in great footsteps. Angela Merkel did not do everything, but did a lot right. We will all notice that when it is no longer there. “



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