Tatum’s mother’s insulting like against Popovich!

The Americans trembled on this Olympic final against the France team … Fortunately, Team USA was able to count on a great Kevin Durant and a very fit Jayson Tatum. But when the latter returned to the bench in the last minutes, his mother Brandy Cole cracked on social networks.

After a catastrophic group stage, during which he rarely played fair and forced a fair number of shots, Jayson Tatum remembered that he was a huge basketball player in the knockout stage of these Olympics. Once the pressure was relieved, the Celtics All-Star was a more than correct lieutenant for Kevin Durant in the quest for gold.

And in the final against the France team, which could have changed from one side to the other, he was very valuable for Team USA. With 19 points and 7 rebounds he was one of the main architects of the great American victory, and he took just as good revenge on the first game of the competition, where he was extinguished by these same Blues.

Yet at the end of the meeting this Saturday, while the gap was narrowing between the two teams, Gregg Popovich decided to leave a Tatum yet hot on the bench … A decision very well received in France, but which made some jump fans across the Atlantic, including the player’s mother. On Twitter, she liked a tweet insulting the American coach, questioning his mental state.

Gregg Popovich pulling out Jayson Tatum is hilarious to me. Seriously this guy is clearly senile.

Brandy Cole, the mother of Jayson Tatum, was very angry with Gregg Popovich at the end of the meeting, fortunately the Olympic title was at the end for Team USA. And to get rid of her frustration and stress in front of her television, she didn’t just love a single message… She gave it to her heart!

I don’t know how you don’t put Jayson Tatum on the court actually.

Jayson Tatum who is not on the pitch is confusing. This game should never be so close.

Jayson Tatum has no regrets, he was very good in the final, despite Gregg Popovich’s lack of confidence in the clutch. Let’s just hope the latter doesn’t fall on mom Tatum’s Twitter account!


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