No heart for Borussia Mönchengladbach: Eberl reckons with Rose! – Bundesliga

Max Eberl (47) has always presented the departure of ex-trainer Marco Rose (44) to Dortmund as fair and clean.

But now the manager gives deep insights into what he really felt. In the podcast “MitGeredet” he calculates hard. Core reproach: Rose missed the most important thing: the heart for VfL!

Eberl: “I want everyone who chooses us to clearly commit to Borussia. I identify very strongly with this club, and that’s what I expect from the players and the people in charge. They should get involved with the club, know its history and the people. I know that football has become faster, but identification is something I value. “

And then towards Rose: “In the end you have to say that he did not necessarily live the identification that he preached at the beginning to the same extent. He opted for the supposedly bigger club. “


In the end, however, the manager also finds conciliatory words: “It was also disappointing for me that Marco made this decision. And yet I really appreciate Marco Rose as a person. We parted for the better. “

But also with the clear realization that Rose was never a Gladbacher at heart!



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