Thank you for following us in this very long live, archery in Tokyo 2020 ends here.

9.59 However, a wonderful silver medal arrives for Mauro Nespoli in this individual archery tournament.

9.59 There is the ten of Mete Gazoz, gold medal for Turkey. 6-4.

9.58 Gazoz’s ten can close the accounts. However, Nespoli responds with the heart with 10. In case of 10 of the Turkish the match ends.

9.58 Nine to open for Gazoz. Ugly eight for Nespoli.

9.57 We go to the decisive set. Whoever wins takes home the gold, in case of a tie it will be shoot-off.

9.56 Nespoli of pride answers! 29-29, double ten for both, 4-4.

9.55 A lot of balance, 19-19.

9.54 They start very strong in the fourth set: 10 against 10.

9.53 What a pity for Mauro Nespoli, 27-26 for the Turkish, we are back in a draw. 3-3.

9.52 Double 9 to open the third set.

9.52 28-28, 3-1 for Nespoli who remains ahead.

9.51 Gazoz’s 10 answers Nespoli’s 10!

9.50 The second set begins: a nine for both.

9.49 Excellent 29 by Mauro Nespoli who flies 2-0!

9.48 Only eight for the Turk. ESCAPE VIA NESPOLI WITH THE DOUBLE 10!

9.47 Nine for the Turk with the first arrow, TEN FOR NESPOLES!


9.45 Mauro Nespoli enters the field, the blue challenges the Turkish Mete Gazoz.

9.43 Very soon it is time for Mauro Nespoli: Italy dreams of the gold medal.

9.41 Bronze medal for Japan: Takaharu Furukawa beats Tang 7-3 and grabs the podium.

9.38 Flies Furukawa with a 29: 5-3, can close the practice.

9.36 Absolute balance in this final: 28-28, 3-3.

9.34 This time, on the 29th, Tang finds him equalizing the score. 2-2.

9.31 The Japanese Furukawa starts well: 29-28, 2-0 for him.

9.28 Everything is ready for the final. It begins.

9.23 In just over 5 minutes, the Japanese Furukawa and the athlete from Taipei Tang will be on the field. Bronze is up for grabs.

9.15 At 9.30 the final for the bronze, at 9.45 for the gold.

9.14 The final for the bronze instead will see the Japanese Furukawa and the athlete from Taipei Tang face each other.

9.12 Spectacular triple ten for Mate Gazoz, 7-3 for the Turkish, he will be Mauro Nespoli’s rival for the final for gold.

9.10 Reaction of pride for Furukawa: the Japanese finds the 29-28 and returns below, 5-3.

9.08 29-29 5-1 per Soda.

9.05 Gazoz again! 4-0 with the Japanese after a 28-27.

9.03 The Turkish player starts strong: the first set 27-25, 2-0.

8.59 Now Mauro Nespoli’s opponent in the final is decided: between the Japanese Takaharu Furukawa and the Turkish Mete Gazoz.

8.57 Very clear 6-2 for Nespoli, a dream day for the Italian. The Bel Paese secures another medal.

8.56 NOVEEEE! MAURO NESPOLI !!!!!! SPECTACULAR THE BLUE, FLY TO THE FINAL! Gold is being played at the Olympics!

8.55 PERFECT NESPOLI! 20-19 with another ten.

8.54 Spectacular 10 for Nespoli to open! A plus point to keep.

8.53 Now the fourth set can already be decisive.

8.52 TENIIIIII! NESPOLI !!! 28-27, flies to 4-2.

8.51 18-18, the set is decided at the last arrow.

8.51 The third set opens with a nine Tang, nine also for Nespoli.

8.50 Perfect set for the Taipei athlete: there is thirty, we are back in a draw.

8.49 Ten answers ten: 20-19 for Tang.

8.48 He starts with a ten Tang in the second set, nine instead for Nespoli.

8.47 A WONDERFUL TEN FOR MAURO NESPOLI! Right in the middle of the target. 29-27 for the blue, 2-0.

8.46 Ten for Nespoli against Tang’s nine!

8.45 Double nine, that of Nespoli is very close to the line. It could be double checked.

8.44 Everything is ready! Nespoli can make Italy dream.

8.41 The blue Mauro Nespoli and the athlete from Taipei Chin-Chun Tang, who sensationally beat the Korean Kim Woojin in the quarters, are about to enter the competition plan.

8.38 The quarter-finals have been completed, between 5 ‘the semifinals. There is Mauro Nespoli who will challenge the Taipei athlete Chin-Chun Tang. In the other the Japanese Takaharu Furukawa against the Turkish Mete Gazoz.

8.36 Never in the match Li, Furukawa flies to the semifinals: triple 29 for the Japanese, 6-0.

8.33 Very badly the Chinese, Furukawa flies: 29 and 4-0 for the landlord.

8.31 The Chinese starts slowly, 2-0 for Furukawa.

8.29 The quarter-final program ends: the Japanese Takaharu Furukawa and the Chinese Jialun Li face off.

8.26 Another big surprise in the men’s draw! The Turkish Gazoz finds the triple 10 in the last set and eliminates Brady Ellison.

8.24 Gazoz takes home the 28-27 set and flies to 5-3.

8.22 The Ellison situation is equalized: 28-27, 3-3. Another balanced match.

8.20 28-28 Gazoz flies to 3-1.

8.18 With a triple 9 the Turkish Gazoz goes 2-0.

8.18 The American Brady Ellison and the Turkish Mete Gazoz get on the platform.

8.17 Now the other two quarter-finals.

8.15 Appointment in the penultimate act at 8.45 with the athlete from Taipei Chin-Chun Tang.

8.13 NESPOLI !!!! MAURO NESPOLI FLIES IN THE SEMIFINAL! The German finds the seven on the last arrow, the blue makes no mistake and closes the practice at 5-3!

8.13 The German is devastating, double 10. 9 for Nespoli, a miracle is needed.

8.12 Immediately 10 for the German with the first arrow … 9 for Nespoli, what a tension.

8.11 NESPOLIIII! 10 for the blue, 8 for the German, 5-3. A draw is enough to advance to the semifinals.

8.10 Response of the German with ten. We go to the decisive arrow for the set.

8.09 The Nespoli set opens with a nine, but there is the German’s eight …

8.07 Two tens and a nine! Mauro Nespoli reacts! 3-3, we start from scratch.

8.06 Nespoli’s answer! The third set opens with a 10! 8 for German.

8.05 Unruh unfortunately runs away: 3-1 for Germany. We need the reaction of Mauro Nespoli.

8.04 Very ugly 7 to open for Nespoli, 10 for the Teutonic.

8.02 10 for Unruh, 9 for Nespoli: 28-28, 1-1 after the first set.

8.02 Double 9 with the second arrow.

8.01 Immediately a 10 for Nespoli, the German scores 9.

8.00 It begins!

7.59 Nespoli enters the competition field: a fundamental moment for Italy!

7.57 At 8.00 it will be Mauro Nespoli’s time: the blue has a great chance, he faces the German Florian Unruh.

7.55 CLAMOROUS! Kim Woojin eliminated, all Koreans out! 6-4 for Tang, the athlete from Taipei advances to the semifinals, will face the winner of the fourth of Mauro Nespoli.

7.53 Super meeting by Tang who finds the 4-4. Everything is played at the decisive set.

7.51 Back under Kim Woojin: 28-27, 3-3. Very balanced match.

7.48 Beware that Tang moves forward! 3-1, 29-27. He has to reassemble the Korean.

7.45 The first challenge began in absolute equality: 28-28, 1-1.

7.42 The first two athletes of the quarter-final take to the platform.

7.39 The winner of this match will face the one who will impose himself in Mauro Nespoli’s match.

7.36 At the Yumenoshima Final Field in less than ten minutes the Taipei athlete Chih-Chun Tang will be ready to face Kim Woojin, great favorite for the title.

7.33 From 7.45 am the quarter-finals are scheduled, second on the platform Mauro Nespoli from 8.00.

7.30 Hello and welcome back with our live stream of the men’s individual archery at the Tokyo Olympics.

3.20 See you later, we look forward to seeing you!

3.18 The German Unruh beats the Canadian Duenas 6-2. At 8.00 he will face Mauro Nespoli in the quarter-finals.

3.15 Unruh ahead 4-2 after the first three sets.

3.09 Now begins the challenge between Duenas (Canada) and Unruh (Germany). Whoever wins will face Mauro Nespoli in the quarterfinals.

2.37 Mauro Nespoli will face either the German Unruh or the Canadian Duenas in the quarterfinals. We will find out the next rival in half an hour. The quarters will be played at 8.00.

Mauro Nespoli rejoiced with a closed fist. He is very concentrated and bad at the right point, he seems to believe in it for real. And we with him …

8 D’Almeida, 9 Medlar. The blue also wins the third set for 29-25 and wins the challenge 6-0!

8 D’Almeida, 10 Nespoli, is almost done.

9 D’Almeida, 10 Nespoli.

8 D’Almeida, 10 Medlar. 28-26 for the blue in the second set, he is ahead 4-0.

9 D’Almeida, 9 Nespoli.

9 D’Almeida, 9 Nespoli.

Nespoli has to try to stay calmer, he has a heart rate above 160.

10 Medlar, 9 D’Almeida. First set to the blue for 29-28.

10 Nespoli, 10 D’Almeida.

9 Nespoli, 9 D’Almeida.

2.29 The challenge between Nespoli and D’Almeida begins.

2.27 Nespoli and D’Almeida enter the competition field.

2.26 Soon it will be Mauro Nespoli’s turn to face the Brazilian D’Almeida in the round of 16.

2.25 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live of the men’s individual archery scoreboard at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Chronicle of Bronze by Lucilla BoariThe statements of Mauro NespoliThe favorites race by race

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the last day of archery at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, reserved for the final phase of the men’s individual competition. With the first four titles awarded to South Korea, today Kim Woojin will have the difficult task of further extending his country’s unbeaten streak (currently 11 events in a row) in the Olympics.

For Italy, however, the spotlight will be focused mainly on Mauro Nespoli, the only representative of the blue men’s sector in Tokyo who will try to imitate what a superlative Lucilla Boari did yesterday in the women’s race. The archer from Voghera did not shine in the first days of competition at Yumenoshima Park Archery Field, but now he seems to have finally found the right sensations on the occasion of the individual knockout matches.

Nespoli reached the round of 16, where he will face today with the Brazilian Marcus D’Almeida. In case of victory, the London 2012 Olympic team champion would cross in the quarters one between the German Florian Unruh (executioner of the Korean n.1 of the seeding Kim Je Deok) and the solid Canadian Crispin Duenas with the pass to the semifinals at stake.

It begins at 2.30 with the round of 16 (Nespoli-D’Almeida will be the first match of the program), while the final session (from the quarter-finals onwards) will take place from 7.45 am in Italy. OA Sport will offer you the text LIVE LIVE of the event with real-time updates so as not to miss a minute of the path of the blue archers in Tokyo: have fun!

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