Fábregas soothed Rosický. Sparta has an impressive team, said the champion

Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, now Monaco. Two European champion titles, one world champion. Career like a bell.

Of course, the old friendship is about diplomacy and decency, yet praise from such a star will please.

“Sparta has an impressive team. She got into the 3rd preliminary round because she deserved it. They play very aggressive, direct and demanding football. He goes into one-on-one fights all over the field, “said Cesc Fábregas at a press conference after retaliation, in which his team sealed a clear procedure with a 3: 1 home win.

Tomáš Rosický with his son

“It simply came to our notice then. In the first half, they could punish us for two or three chances. This is the level of the Champions League. I tell my teammates that the French league is one thing, but in the Champions League the level is always higher. You will make one small mistake and your opponent will easily punish you immediately. That’s why we need to learn quickly and improve, “warns Fábregas, 34.

Kovač also joined

However, another compliment landed at the address of the eliminated team.

Monaco coach Niko Kovac and Ruben Aguilar during the match on Sparta.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“We played two challenging matches, especially the outdoor one. Sparta moves high, attacks very well and is physically very strong. We saw the data after the match in Prague, even though we were physically better off. I like the style of their play. In my opinion, they will do well in the season, “predicts coach Niko Kovač.

“Sparta and Slavia are the biggest favorites for the title, maybe Pilsen will talk about it. Now the basic group of the European League awaits them, just like last season, in which they played with Lille or AC Milan. I think they will do well in it. Like all the other teams we played with, I will also watch Sparta, “Kovač, a 43-year-old player, a former player and coach of the Croatian national team and Bayern Munich, proves his knowledge of Czech conditions.

Unlike Sparta, Monaco can look forward to another great attraction. League duels with Paris St. Germain and his star reinforcement Lionel Messi.

“Since I’m from Barcelona, ​​it will be difficult for me to watch her without Leo, but that’s life. I’m glad Messi is in Paris. The quality of Ligue 1 will increase with his arrival. All his teammates ask me a lot about him. They are really looking forward to playing against him. At the same time, it is a challenge for us. I can’t wait to play against Paris. I’m looking forward to it more than last season, “Fábregas smiles.




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