“A generation of the host is coming”

Gerard Piqué analyzed the news of FC Barcelona after the league premiere against Real Sociedad through his Twitch channel. In a session in which he answered questions that were put to him, the Barcelona central He explained that “the four captains were open to the salary reduction” but that at the moment only he has done it “for a question of ‘timing'”. He criticized Bartomeu’s management, affirmed that “we will get out of this because the club has always come out of worse ones” and affirmed, about the team, that “a generation of the host is coming.”

Pique made reference, after the 4-2 to the Real with his goal, the first of the post-Messi era, to the salary adjustment that he has accepted: “You have read this week the issue of the pay cut and the inscription of Memphis, Eric, Rey Manaj … from the first day that they proposed it to us to Busi, Jordi Alba or Sergi, we were very open to it, we were born here, we grew up here, we belong to the house … we aligned ourselves and opposed all the facilities.

I would tell you that all are close to closing their agreement, although due to a matter of ‘timings’ they decided that I was the first to be able to register the new signings, “he explained.

It was forceful by making the predisposition clear of the group: “Sometimes the information does not flow as we would like, or there are misunderstandings, and I want to make this very clear. My teammates are going to make the same effort as me and I would like people to help at the Camp Nou, be with him team, which is what we need, “he said, in a veiled allusion to some whistles, especially in the Gamper. “It is something that touched, to which we were open after a few years of not very good management, “he concluded, referring to the Bartomeu board.

The recuperation

He was hopeful regarding recovery from the club: “From now on, aligned with the club, I’m sure he will come out of this.

Although it is a very small step, it is the beginning of an era in which we will not have Leo with us, but it will certainly be very positive. “

And he sees it clearly due to the value of the generation of young people in the team: “At Barça now comes a generation that is the host, with the Gavi, Nico, Demir, Riqui, Pedri, who is not from the quarry but is very young , Ansu, Araujo, Eric … we have a high level, a lot of young people with a high level. At Barça it is the essence it must always be preserved. La Masia is everything and we cannot put it aside to be able to compete with these teams, clubs or directly countries, we have to invest a lot in La Masia, which is our thing “.

Regarding Bartomeu’s management, there were also taunts: “With Barto, there were quite a few players who felt cheated, and that’s how it ended. With Jan, the culture is different. More treatment, more comes to the sports city … to have hierarchies and the president takes command and makes decisions ”.

He will not leave Barça

Piqué stated that “I will retire at Barça 100%, I don’t see myself playing for another team. It’s been many years, I’ve already gone out to play, there are people who maybe need to go to another team: I’ve already gone abroad to play”. Y left in the air when It will be that: “Until one day I see that I am not competitive enough not to defend the Barcelona shirt. That day I will raise my hand and take a step to the side.”

He also revealed what Memphis told him after the 1-0, the work of Piqué after the Dutchman: “He told me that the assistance he gave me was in gratitude for registering in the League.”

His time at Zaragoza

Answered questions about Zaragoza: “I went to Zaragoza when I was 19 years old, I was a little boy. It was a very, very good experience, that’s when I realized that I could play in the First Division. I had a very, very good year, we had a great team. I have eternal gratitude for the city, la Romareda, the club … An unforgettable experience.

I played pivot that later at Barça never more. Sometimes I was a double pivot with Celades and I was the offensive pivot … and I had a great arrival. “He recalled” a Cup tie that we beat Barça 0-1 with my goal but then they came back. I was sad, but at least Barça passed … although then the semifinal against Getafe came and they got four in the second leg, in that tie for Leo’s famous goal “.

Real Zaragoza is in 2nd for a theme management of the club, that of Agapito. It will return to First. It is where the club belongs by hobby, history and everything. Ander Herrera is one of those behind (the purchase). Sorry, Ander, in case I couldn’t say it. “


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