GEEM gathers wind power three badminton racket in-depth evaluation experience comparison victory bright sword 11

Hello, everyone, I will share with you some equipment that I think is good or unique.
Let’s get to the topic below. Today I will share with you the power of wind of Jujiang III. You should not be unfamiliar with it. Jujiang relies on the same factory as V Kee, excellent paint water, better carbon, and high cost performance. , Has always occupied a place in the entry and mid-end shooting. Whether it is the entry-level K07 or the latest 50t shooting six are very popular.

Feng San can be regarded as the mainstay of the racquet. In my opinion, Feng San’s success comes from its classic remodeling of Liangjian 11. This racket uses the Taiwan version of Liangjian 11’s mold. It has the same frame and inner wave structure as Liangjian 11, and it has real things that other imitations don’t have. The inner wave structure.

I have played my friend’s Liangjian 11 many times before, and I don’t feel very good about Liangjian 11. Increasing the hardness of the middle rod and the elastic balance point. A little improvement has brought about a change in the hitting feeling.

I just saw the new purple-gold color when I bought it, so I didn’t hesitate to start it. I still remember that I was shocked when I unpacked it. Jiang’s paint is really good. It is said that it is the same paint factory as Li Ning. Of course, Feng San is not the best paint for Jujiang’s home. What is milk ten, Wang Z’s paint is even more amazing.

Evaluating the quality of a badminton racket is of course the quality of the play.
Basic parameters of the racket
Frame type: Liangjian 11 same style full-breaking frame
Weight: 86g
Balance point: 297mm
Rod hardness: slightly hard
Pull line weight: vertical line 24 horizontal line 26
Ball line: YONEX BG95
Maximum weight: 30

High ball:

Due to the bonus of the full break wind, the swing speed is very fast. Friends who have never used the break wind frame may have to run in for some time. It is easy to frame, and the middle rod has a good performance. Although there is a gap with the yy Gaoshen, it is absolutely at the same price. It’s excellent, and it’s easier to pull the bottom line high and far.

Flat ball:

The most surprising thing about this racket is the performance of the flat high ball. The swing speed added by the bright sword frame allows a flat high ball to get rid of passive or even active. In the confrontation, several unexpected flat high balls often make the opponent unable to react. Come.

Small balls and lobs in front of the net:

The directivity of the ball in front of the net is not ideal. If you want to hook a beautiful diagonal or high-quality net, your fingers and wrists are required, but you can make up for it with a controlled ball line.

The lob has a fast ball speed and better control of the landing point


At first, I didn’t have any expectations for a speed racket to kill the ball, but as I used it for a longer time. I found that as long as the hitting point is adjusted, the down pressure of Feng San is still good. Unlike zf2, the feeling of continuous attack is stronger. Some golfers use my Feng San to feel that the kill is completed. Flat high, I did the same at the beginning. The reason should be that the fast swing caused the hitting point to be too high.

Flat gear:

With a not-heavy racket head and a full-breaking design, Feng San’s flat draw block should be his best place. He plays the ball very quickly, and it can be said to have extreme speed.

In general, Fengsan is a badminton racket with extremely high cost performance. It has the same mold and material as Liangjian 11 but is not just an imitation. Now Fengsan’s tuning is that it is different from Liangjian 11. Full speed and all-powerful, the work of conscience can really describe it well.No wonder it is the best racket that Jujiang bought. I hope that Uncle Nai can bring you more cost-effective rackets.

Reprinted from the author of Zhongyu Online:See spring

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