A false rumor about the arrival of Messi mobilizes Paris

ParisWhile some Catalans were still hoping for a last-minute masterpiece, the Parisians were already just thinking about what day and time they would see the best player in the world arrive in their city. “When I saw him leave Barça, I quickly assumed he would end up in Paris. I’m really looking forward to seeing him and this year I plan to go to every game,” said Jason Monkam, who has come with his sister to the Princes Park after hearing rumors that Messi could be inside the stadium. In fact, Paris Saint Germain, who recently also signed Madrid center-back Sergio Ramos, quickly got in touch with Messi’s closest circle, as confirmed by the same player at the press conference of good bye. Although nothing is closed yet, different French media already take for granted the signing to PSG – which is also going through a time of economic problems – and there is talk of a record contract. It had also been said, even, that Messi would be presented tomorrow Tuesday at the Eiffel Tower.

Like Jason and his sister, dozens of PSG fans and a handful of journalists stood guard at the main entrance to the pitch to see if they caught the former Barça player just as he was leaving the pitch. A couple of riot vans and a few police officers, who were standing next to a flock of fences ready to cordon off the stadium at any moment, also approached. Although different media have denied that the Argentine was on the field, the fans did not want to believe it. The fallacy to see him as soon as he steps on Paris is maximum. “We’ll wait another two hours, if we see it doesn’t come out, we’ll leave, but we’ll come again tomorrow,” says Jason, far from giving up. A few fans have also decided to travel to Le Bourget Airport. “I’ve been here since two in the morning,” says a young boy dressed in a PSG tracksuit in the French newspaper Le Figaro. There are also those who promise to stay overnight at the airport, lest it arrive at night and without warning.

In addition to the Parisians, there are also curious tourists who have taken the opportunity to go to the countryside and, if the flute sounded, see Messi. “I don’t think we’ll be lucky, but we’ll buy tickets for PSG’s next match,” said Timur, an Estonian who has come to Paris for a few days on holiday with his parents. “Barça is my favorite team and I won’t stop watching their matches, but I find it very interesting that Messi plays in another team and is surrounded by other great football stars. Well, I understand that the Catalans don’t find it at all interesting.” , Timur river.

On the fact that Messi may end up sharing costumes with Ramos, they see no problem. “They used to be enemies, but now they will become friends, you’ll see,” says optimistic Mamadou Daffe, who says that this year he is sure to buy the PSG shirt with Messi’s number. “I am much more merengue that not culer and I could not see Messi, but now, of course, I suddenly started to like it, “says his friend, Bamba Diop, between laughs.” The most important thing is that he gets along well with the other stars, with Neymar or Mbappé. We will win the Champions! ”He predicts.



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