“The market is agitated around him, he could be traded to the Warriors”

Two seasons without the playoffs is too much for the Warriors. Annoyed to see their campaigns end before the big deadlines, they intend to shake up the market, and could, according to a journalist, obtain a player with an atypical profile, quite popular in the league.

The files must be numerous on the desks of the Californian leaders at present. After a season concluded during the play-in, the Warriors are clearly unsatisfied. Eager to reconnect with their recent glorious past, they must finally postpone their ambitions to the next fiscal year.

In order to avoid further disillusionment, Bob Myers and his assistants should be very active in the market this summer. Kelly Oubre on the start, a post at the back is about to become available. He could quickly find himself occupied by… Marcus Smart. In any case, this is the hypothesis advanced by Bill Simmons in his eponymous podcast.

In my opinion, Smart will either be extended or traded, but that will happen in the next six weeks, and it could not be otherwise. I lean more for the extension, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded it. He could be traded for the 7th pick of the Warriors. I think that’s his value, because contenders have a high regard for him after seeing him in 3 conference finals. They know he can be the 4th or 5th option in a very good team.

Reference in defense, the pitbull of the Celtics would thus bring back to Golden State the DNA which made the heyday of the franchise in recent years. Opponents would certainly dread the duo he would form with Draymond Green, and his similar profile. Finally, the 27-year-old back comes out of his best career offensive campaign (13.1 points average).

However, given all of these qualities, Dubs shouldn’t be the only ones expressing an interest in Smart. For example, for Chris Mannix, journalist for Sports Illustrated Simmons’ guest, another franchise could, and should, embark on a quest for Boston’s locker room leader: the Blazers. But on one condition.

Only if Portland keeps Lillard – that’s why McCollum is scheming for Boston, because Smart would arguably complement Lillard differently than McCollum. The biggest problem in Portland is that there is no outside defender. There is no one who can defend wingers like Smart can. So by putting him next to Lillard, you take the pressure off him in this area. The market is agitated around (Smart).

The spring cleaning is underway with the Celtics, and the Warriors would be in a good position to take advantage of it by getting Marcus Smart back. This, if the Blazers decide not to take Chris Mannix’s interesting advice.


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