Nick Kyrgios: “I wish I had lost without hurting myself”

Australian tennis player Nick kyrgios He appeared before the media at a press conference to analyze his feelings after the abandonment suffered after the second set in his third-round match against Canadian Felix-Auger Aliassime.

– Explanation of your injury:

“I felt it when the match was 4-1 and 15-15 in the second set. I did a first serve and felt a huge tension in my left abdomen. I have had an injury of this type in the past. When the load increases, the body is not used to this and problems of this kind can appear. I tried to continue as normal, but at the next point I felt a sharp pain. I felt like I had a problem. It’s funny because today I woke up feeling great. My body felt good and I was prepared for this match. I started the game at a great level, but from the second set things changed. Still, I have to accept that injury is part of this sport. We must also congratulate Aliassime. He is a great player and a great professional. I’m sure he will do great things in tennis. “

– Disappointment at this withdrawal?

“Yes. In a way it’s something that could happen to me. A lot of people say I’m not very professional. That I could have prepared better, spent more time in the gym or doing rehab. I did everything I could to prepare for Wimbledon. I was training. A bit home and quickly flew to London. I could have arrived earlier, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to be in a bubble before the start of the tournament. I didn’t want to force that on my partner, my best friend or my manager. I got here and I did what I could. My body was not where it had to be to continue playing at the level that I have shown in these last matches. My game is there and I am still motivated for the next tournaments. I have happened to be one of the baddest boys in tennis to be one of the favorites for the public (laughs). It was very hard for me to have to say goodbye to the public like this. “

– Public support will make you play more tournaments:

“I have felt very comfortable with the public. When they cheer you on and say good things about you they encourage you to keep playing. I have already stated many times that I don’t want to play tennis every week. I don’t want to be chasing a tennis ball all over the place. the world. That’s not in my plans. I think it’s great not to play that often, because when I play my games they are full of fans. I think that’s good. I think people are saying, ‘He’s playing Kyrgios. see him. ‘I’ve really enjoyed these games and felt like I was playing in Australia. It was even better and that’s great. “

– Decision to play the Olympic Games or ATP 250 Atlanta:

“I will have to see how I feel in the next few days. The doctors and physiotherapists told me that I will have to take tests in the next two or three days and then they will tell me the extent of the injury. I still do not know anything if I will play the Olympics. or the Atlanta tournament. If I go to the Olympic Games I want to do it the right way. I want to do it with a lot of people and have some people accompany me. I would also like to be able to see other disciplines live. The Olympic Games mean that to me. Yes They develop this competition in a different way, I am not interested. I do not want to remember participating in an Olympics with restrictions. I’ll see what I do. “

– The mixed doubles with Venus Williams:

“It is heartbreaking to have to withdraw from the tournament. It has been a long time since I had so much fun on a tennis court. It gave me goose bumps thinking that I would have to tell Venus that I cannot play mixed doubles due to injury. It is very hard for me. She stayed in the tournament for me and could have done other things outside of the tournament. I would have preferred to have lost today normally and not injured myself, “concluded Kyrgios who opens the possibility of playing with her at the US Open: “If she wants, I’ll play with her,” he concluded.



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