Pushing, slapping and spitting after the accident. Then reinforcements arrive: car destroyed with baseball bats

Anna Grippo
July 18, 2021 4:01 pm

Clash of cars turns into on-the-spot and ‘commanded’ aggression. This is the daring event that took place in Castel Volturno around 1pm at the intersection between the SS Domiziana and via Po, near the MD supermarket, where two African immigrants driving a Toyota Corolla crashed into an Alfa Romeo 166 with on board a couple and a minor from the Neapolitan hinterland who were on their way to the coast of Caserta.

After the crash, when the driver of the Alfa checked the immigrants’ licenses and insurance, a discussion arose with attached shoves, slaps and insults against the immigrants discovered to be irregular and therefore lacking any documentation.

All this happened under the incredulous eyes of the supermarket patrons, among whom panic was generated when a Fiat 500 with 4 men on board arrived and opened the trunk and pulled out some baseball bats. The 4 thugs first pushed the Africans’ damaged car against a wall and then with baseball bats began to vandalize it.

Shattered glass and dented bodywork. Then they passed to the Africans who, after being beaten, fled frightened and bleeding for the surrounding countryside. The customers of the supermarket at the sight of so much violence ran away.



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