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The experiment to change five football rules: 30-minute times, kick-offs …

by archysport

A youth tournament called Future of Football Cup is being a testing bench. Four teams, PSV, AZ Alkmaar, RB Leipzig y Brujas, participate in this competition that serves as experiment to test five new rules that could be implemented in professional football later on. They are news that affect various aspects of the game and that they are now being tested to see what impact the parties have.

Two 30-minute halves

The first change, the duration of the encounters, which it would no longer be 90 minutes, with two times of 45 each, but it would become 30 minutes each part, but, as in other sports, the timer would stop every time there was any interruption at the meeting. It would be a way to avoid the losses of time that some players take place in various actions nowadays.

Unlimited changes

With the pandemic changes have gone from three to five, but it is being studied to increase them even more. So, with this new proposal, in the ‘football of the future’ they would become unlimited.

Yellow and five minutes sent off

More news. Another would be in the cardboard, specifically in the yellow ones, which would have a greater punishment than at present, since they would suppose that the player who saw it would have to leave the field for five minutes, so that your team would stay momentarily outnumbered. This is to reduce violent entries.

News in corners and throw-ins

They are also modified, the fourth novelty, the throw-ins, which can be done with the foot. And not only that, but the fifth test that is being tested will allow the players both in the aforementioned throw-ins and in the corners, to be able to resume the game without having to combine with another teammateIn other words, they will have the opportunity to drive themselves with the ball.


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