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Messi sends video message to 100 year old super fan

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After the triumph of the Argentine national soccer team at the Copa America, superstar Lionel Messi thanked one of his most loyal fans by video message. The Argentine Hernan Mastrangelo is 100 years old and has been recording every goal of his idol in a notebook for years. “Hello Hernan. I heard your story. It’s crazy, not even I have such a list of all goals, ”Messi said in a greeting to his elderly fan.


“I thank you for doing this and I wish you the best. See you. ”Mastrangelo’s grandson Julian posted the video on his channel on Tik Tok. Another clip shows how he plays the message of the world-class striker to his grandfather. “Don’t tell me that this is Messi,” says the 100-year-old in astonishment. “Thank you, that’s a big surprise.”
Julian Mastrangelo said that his grandfather had no computer and no internet. “He noted all of Messi’s goals on these sheets. Whenever Barcelona play and he can’t see the match on TV, he calls me and asks how many goals Messi has scored. There are now more than 730 goals on his list. “

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