EM 2021: Lothar Matthäus goes for Oliver Bierhoff and national team – football

The EM is entering the hot phase. As after the World Cup in 2018, we are far too early on vacation!

The criticized Jogi Löw (61) is no longer national coach, but manager Oliver Bierhoff (53) remains in office. Now Lothar Matthäus (60) is attacking Bierhoff – and the leading players!

The record national player told BILD about Bierhoff: “Oliver is very clever. It sells well. But Bierhoff should also have been questioned. He is responsible that Jogi Löw got the tournament, even though he screwed up the 2018 World Cup. “

In addition to the “Director of National Teams and Academy”, Matthäus criticizes the leaders of the DFB team. “The team wasn’t strong enough to get through to Jogi Löw,” he says. Matthäus cannot understand why the 3-4-3 system, which is unpopular among the stars, was played throughout the tournament.

“We had strong leading players with a connection to Löw: Neuer, Kroos, Müller, Hummels. Kimmich from the younger guard, “says our World Cup captain from 1990:” If the five players had gone to Löw and vigorously put forward their wishes, he would have brooded and slept badly. It is possible that the leading players themselves did not agree. “

The world footballer from 1991 sees a downward trend at the DFB, which is closely connected with Bierhoff.

Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa

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Matthäus in conversation with Bierhoff (r.) Before the France group game in Munich Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa

Matthäus: “A lot of negative things have happened since 2018: I think of the Nations League, of bitter defeats, of the bad mood. Oliver Bierhoff is just as responsible for this as Jogi Löw. But he was never questioned, everything was dumped on the team and on Jogi’s shoulders. “

Bierhoff (contract until 2024) could have intervened earlier, says Matthäus: “Maybe even have to – and after 2018 have to ensure an earlier end of the Löw era. So that what has happened now could not have happened. “

Bierhoff’s luck is the missing structure in the DFB. That’s why he doesn’t have to worry about his job: “In recent years there have been no experts who could have criticized him in terms of sport. That’s why it is easier for Oliver Bierhoff to make certain decisions. “



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