Chicago White Sox Tap Coulson Montgomery comme premier polyvalent

Well we know the next first player to play for white socks – Maybe later in the season!

This is only a joke, of course, because Indiana Colson Montgomery, 6’4 ”and 190 pounds, on Sunday became the first high school student selected by the White Sox in the first round since the 2012 draft. There’s no chance of joining many in the early rounds currently on the squad, including 2020 Top Pick Garrett Hook.

The Southridge High School triathlete (baseball, basketball and football) intended to play baseball and basketball at Indiana University, but a first-round pick by a team he has still coveted would probably cut this short. Slot No. 22 in the Draft was marked with a bounty of $ 3.03 million.

Hitting left and throwing right, Montgomery has build and strength in the board that compares to Corey Seeger. He played for the White Sox area code. He’s a high school student from Indiana, a favorite target area for the White Sox Scouts. In short, Montgomery was a somewhat illogical choice for the Southern Siders. Chosen by the South Side Sox in the first round of the SBN Mock Draft this weekend, James Fox beat him in the White Sox at Future Sox in May, and pundits like Jim Callis have also seen fit.

MLB Pipeline handed the following scores to Montgomery, who ranked her 48th talent in the draft category:
shots 50
operation 45
field 50
force 55
an arm 55
Including 50

American baseball ranked Montgomery 43rd in the 2021 class.

Montgomery actually showcases some of the best talent currently at Low-A Kannapolis, including players like José Rodríguez, DJ Gladney and Bryan Ramos. As a formidable athlete and stellar basketball player, Montgomery also looks like someone else, someone you might know …

At the Zoom conference after the draft, amateur scouting manager Mike Shirley was beside himself with excitement, telling the media, “We feel lucky. We feel like we’ve got the right guy. We are so excited to have this young man… We feel this was the piece of the puzzle that will make the difference pour nous.”



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