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Another week with many classifieds

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The local stage continues with its journey through different disciplines. During the week there were many classifieds.

Throughout the week, different activities were carried out in the city, in what was the continuity of the local stage. This is the first section of the 30th edition of the Buenos Aires Games, which continues at a good pace.

The chess stage took place at the headquarters of the Sports Directorate (Rivadavia and José Luis Torres), and the winners who qualified for the regional stage were the following: Florencia Lamique in non-federated female Sub 14, Bruno Molinari in male Sub 14 non-federated, Agustín Lamique in Sub 16 non-federated, Lionel Manuel in Sub 18 non-federated and Bernardo Costanzo in free university.

In turn, the badminton qualifiers for the next instance are Renato Leira (Under 16 free single), in addition to Matheo Cerioni Rodríguez and Santiago White Vales (Under 16 free double). Another of the disciplines that was developed during the week was soccer-tennis, in different categories.

Martín Banegas and Ignacio Palavecino (male Under 16), Lautaro Eseberri and Luciano Orchiani (male Under 18), Lucía Reyes and Keyla López (Female University) and Franco Monges and Alexis Guzmán (Male University) advanced.

In the Ferro pool with Isaías Flocco as coach in Sub 14 and Javier Laborde in Sub 16 and University, the local swimming instance was carried out. Sub 14 women: 50 freestyle, Valentina Lavat (35.76); 100 meters back, Lara Bruno (1.43.81).

Sub 16 women: 50 free meters, Maitena González (39.03); 200 free meters, Ludmila Salvatierra (2.47.02); 100 meters breaststroke, Ana González (1.43.03); 100 meters backstroke, Ayelén Quereilhac (1.18.94); 100 meters butterfly, Emilia Larregina (1.38.18): university women: 50 meters freestyle, Abril Routaboul (30.09); 100 meters backstroke, Agustina Arouxet (1.14.28); 100 meter butterfly, Melany Viola (1.29.05).

Sub 14 men: 100 free meters, Mateo Mares (1.22.74); 100 meters breaststroke, Mateo Alonso (1.48.20); 100 meters back, Lucio Paramio (1.47.22). Sub 16 men: 50 free meters, Valentino Bravo (30.51); 100 free meters, Nicolás Soraiz (1.01.08); 200 free meters, Lautaro Fitte (3.25.67); 100 meters breaststroke, Tiziano Huallpa (1.45.96); 100 meters backstroke, Santos Tresarrieu (1.12.79); 100 meter butterfly, Julián Riley (1.17.24).

University men: 100 meters breaststroke, Julián Ziegler (1.19.58); 100 meter butterfly, Juan Barros (1.21.97). While the local athletics instance took place on the athletics track and in TSE No. 2, which had many classifieds.

Track tests. In the women’s 100 meters Sub 16: first, Juana Martinefsky (12.07); Men’s 100 meters Sub 16: first, Lautaro Taliavacchi (12.03); Men’s 100 meters Sub 18: first, Bautista Aztiz (12.06); Women’s 100 meters Sub 18, first Martina Dilascio (15.04).

In the men’s 300 meters Sub 16, Ignacio Argañaraz (40.7); Men’s 3000 meters Sub 16, Alfredo Ardiles (13.0); Sub 16 female 4×100 squad: Wagner-Martinefsky-Laborde-Moro (1.03.00); Sub 16 male 4×100 squad: Algañaraz-Alvarez-Escaig-Olivera; Sub 18 men’s 4×100 post: Pye-Aztiz-Hernández-Serres (49.5).

While other athletes qualified directly in track events. Male Sub 14: 80 meters, Manuel Chapa; 150 meters, Lautaro Martín; 1200 meters, Agustín Bustos; 2000 meters, Lautaro Martín; 100 meters with fences, Agustín Bustos.

Women Sub 14: 80 meters and 80 meters with hurdles, Clara Rudolf; 150 meters, Camila Leira. Male Sub 16: 800 meters, Ignacio Argañaraz; 110 meters with hurdles and 295 meters with hurdles, Lautaro Alvarez. Women Sub 16: 300 meters, Olivia Laborde; 800 meters, Mariana Negrette; 2000 meters, Oriana Robledo; 100 meters hurdles and 295 meters hurdles, Paloma Wagner.

Male Sub 18: 400 meters, Agustín Pey. Female Sub 18: 400 meters, Tatiana Tonel; 1500 meters, Ursula Vivas. Post 4×100: Vivas-Masson-Tonel-Dilascio.

And they also did it in field tests. Long Jump: Sub 16 Women, Fiorella Ferreri; Under 16 Male, Lautaro Taliavachi; Under 18 Male, Martín Díaz Lin. Shot put: U16 Male, Jeremías Jungbluth; Under 18 Male, Antonio Iriarte; discus throw: Sub 16 Male, Lautaro Marchionni; Under 18 Male, Lucas Potes.

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