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Aída Román: The Silver Archer in London 2012

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London 2012 It was one of the Olympic jousts where the Mexican delegation has had the most achievements in all of history since participating in these events. With a gold medal, three silver and four bronze, Mexico was able to place in 38th place on the medal table, tied with Colombia. On that occasion, he won for the first time a medal in archery, being Aída Román, the one in charge of getting the money.

Let’s get to know the story of Aída Román, which with the discipline and dedication that this sport entails, was able to win silver in London, being the first Mexican to win second place in archery, filling the Mexican people with joy.

Who is Aída Román?

Aída Nabila Román Arroyo, born in Mexico City, May 21, 1988, is a Mexican athlete specializing in archery.

Román is one of the most outstanding archers that the country has had, since before hanging the silver medal in London 2012, she did the same in the Turin Archery World Championship in the mixed category, held in 2011. In that competition he was able to win the silver, giving a preamble of what would come a year later.

Regarding the Pan American Games, in Rio 2007 was able to get the silver medal in the individual branch. In Mexican lands, specifically in the Pan American Games of Guadalajara 2011, Aida was able to get bronze in the individual branch, but she clung to gold in the team category. Four years later he got silver in Toronto 2015, the association being the way he was able to achieve that feat.

She was world champion in 2014 of two tournaments: del World Indoor Archery Championship in Nimes, France and the World Cup of Archery in Switzerland, where he was consecrated in individual and mixed.

The day that Aida made history

That August 2, 2012 it was known that it could be a historic day for the nation through this sport, which it did:

Already in the round of 16, Aída beat the Japanese by two points Miki Kanei, then dispatched the Italian Pia Lionetti in the quarterfinals. In the semifinal, it was known that there would be a medal for Mexico in this discipline, since Aída faced her compatriot Mariana avitia, which ended up winning, reaching the grand final.

Aida Romanian London 2012

In the final against the South Korean faces were seen, Ki Bo Bae. The match was quite close, so much so that after the tie in the sets, the winner of the gold had to be defined by an arrow of sudden death The Korean arrow got nine points by touching the dividing line between that number and the eight, being a good score.

Already in Roman’s turn, unfortunately, he could not achieve something higher or tie Bae, by scoring eight points, keeping the silver. Not everything was bad for Mexico, since Mariana Avitia managed to get bronze, so both Mexicans were able to get an Olympic medal where it had never been possible to achieve.

Aida Roman and Mariana Avitia Silver and Bronze London 2012

In Tokyo 2020, will Aída Román achieve a team archery medal?


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