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Rho, boys fight over a boy: one stabbed, one reported

by archysport

June 10, 2021 12:23 pm

A boy injured with three stab wounds. Another reported, and also injured. Bloody afternoon on Wednesday in Rho, in the Milanese area, the scene of a sort of settling of scores between two 17-year-olds.

The violence exploded around 5.30 pm in Piazza della Libertà, where the two challenged each other at the end of a quarrel that would have arisen for sentimental reasons related to the girlfriend of one of the two. The worst was a 17-year-old Italian, who was wounded with three slashes in the left side, right hand and back.

Rescued by 118, the young man was transported in red code to the emergency room of the Garbagnate hospital, from where he was then discharged with a prognosis of 10 days and, fortunately, in good condition.

The carabinieri listened to him for a long time and managed to trace the attacker, an Albanian peer who will turn 18 in a few weeks. The boy was tracked down in the evening to the hospital in Legnano, where he had arrived to be treated for his injuries sustained in the “clash”. The 17-year-old was then identified and reported on the loose for personal injury. At his home, the military confiscated a baseball bat and a 12-gauge hunting cartridge, but found no trace of the knife used for the attack.


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