EM: Annalena Baerbock – “Let’s carry the rainbow across the country”

IIn German politics, criticism of the association is loud after the UEFA ban on lighting the Munich arena in rainbow colors during the European Championship group game between Germany and Hungary.

“Dear Uefa, it’s not that I expected much from you. But you’re even more embarrassing than I thought. Shame on yourselves! ”Wrote SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil on Tuesday on Twitter about the decision. Katarina Barley (SPD), Vice President of the European Parliament, commented: “Bucking in front of autocrats has never led to anything good.”

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Markus Söder (CSU), Bavaria’s Prime Minister, also expressed his regret about the decision not to let the Munich EM stadium light up in rainbow colors. “It’s a shame that the Munich arena is not allowed to shine in rainbow colors. That would have been a very good sign of tolerance and freedom, ”Söder tweeted on Tuesday. “We have to stand up against exclusion and discrimination”.

The Greens called for the rainbow flag to be shown. “For tolerance. Against homophobia. Not only when it comes to football. Let’s send a strong signal of diversity and carry the rainbow across the country, ”wrote Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock in the short message service.

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The parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, declared: “Human rights apply to everyone, everywhere. Even in the stadium. (…) We can still show the flag tomorrow. In the stadium or on the balcony ”.

Cem Özdemir also spoke to WELT about the cause: “The rainbow flag is a symbol for diversity and tolerance in society and the opposite of what authoritarian rulers like Orban stand for. It is a strong and important sign when our national team with the rainbow colors stands up for our liberal democracy, in which the state does not interfere with the sexual orientation or gender identity of its citizens. In football in particular, more and not less such statements are needed. “

Dobrindt misses the signal against AfD

Alexander Dobrindt, CSU regional group leader, emphasized that he could have imagined the decision differently – also “because I am outraged about the kind of discussion that is being kicked off by parts of the AfD in Germany.”

Another decision would have been “also a signal against completely shameful and indecent statements from AfD representatives regarding the rainbow colors,” said Dobrindt with a view to criticism from the ranks of right-wing populists of the rainbow captain’s armband of national football goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Against such tendencies must be clearly shown the flag, said Dobrindt on Tuesday in Berlin before the last regular meeting of the Union faction before the summer break.

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The Left wrote on its Twitter account: “Anyone who speaks of neutrality when it comes to human rights has not understood anything.” The First Parliamentary Managing Director of the FDP in the Bundestag, Marco Buschmann, also regretted the decision. “The #Regenbogenfarben stand for self-determination, tolerance, cosmopolitanism, freedom,” he wrote. Only the AFD feels that Uefa’s decision is justified.

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In France, too, there was disappointment about the negative attitude of the European Football Union. “I regret this decision because I think that would have been a very strong symbol,” said Secretary of State for Europe Clément Beaune on the sidelines of an EU ministerial meeting in Luxembourg.

Beaune is considered a confidante of Head of State Emmanuel Macron. However, Uefa’s decision leaves other options open, Beaune said. He wanted to consult with the Minister of Sport, Roxana Maracineanu, what could be done in France.

Actions announced in front of the stadium

Meanwhile, the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) Bayern is calling on the operators of the Munich arena and the owner FC Bayern to illuminate the stadium in rainbow colors despite everything. “A sign must be set here,” said Markus Apel, the board member of LSVD Bavaria, to the German press agency. “I would like the stadium operators and FC Bayern to oppose this decision by UEFA in whatever form,” said Apel. He announced protests in front of the arena.

“Uefa shows very clearly which side they are on,” said Apel. “It is not on the side of those who work for a diverse and fair society, but on the side of those who restrict diversity and want to deprive people of their rights.”

In contrast to the Munich arena, the stadiums in Frankfurt and Cologne will be brightly lit on Wednesday. Alexander Wehrle, Managing Director of 1. FC Köln, said: “We welcome that very much. Cologne and FC stand for diversity and tolerance. The developments in Hungary are frightening – it is all the more important to take a stand against this. “

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In response, the TV broadcaster ProSieben wants its logo to shine in these colors. “For good reasons we will change our station logo tomorrow on air”, said on Tuesday on the Twitter account of the station from Unterföhring near Munich. In addition, a picture of the logo in rainbow colors was posted.

In the channels in the social media, the logo will be changed on Tuesday, said a spokesman. ProSieben boss Daniel Rosemann added on Twitter: “If the #AllianzArena is not allowed – we can. And we WANT. Tomorrow we will change our station logo for an important symbol. “

The Uefa decided on Tuesday that the European Championship stadium in Munich should not shine in rainbow colors as a symbol of tolerance and equality at the group final of the German national soccer team against Hungary on Wednesday. The Uefa rejected a request from the mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter (SPD).

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