Racism: The New Political Correctness in Sport

AWhen the Bundesliga protested a few weeks ago for the “BlackLivesMatter” movement and against discrimination and intolerance, sport took the lead in the racism debate – but recently it has gotten itself into a headlock, especially in America. The indigenous people no longer put up with anything. Hardly a day goes by without them confronting […]

F1: new Mercedes, black livery against racism – F1

Mercedes’ commitment to the fight against racism and discrimination will be clearly visible: the new livery of the Hamilton and Bottas cars was presented today: lots of black, the silver star and the word “End Racism” that will be present on both the single-seaters, together with the hashtag #WeRaceasOne launched by F1. The message of […]

Police violence and racism: athletes take the leap

The rumblings of the NBA this time overtook Twitter and Instagram. Almost everywhere in the United States, since the death of George Floyd, professional basketball players have joined the demonstrators. In the streets of Oakland, triple NBA champions Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) chanted the name of the victim of police violence […]

Japan: Naomi Osaka, a committed athlete who challenges in the archipelago

“We don’t mix sport and politics”: for part of the Japanese (extremists on the right in particular), an athlete does not have to commit. According to them, the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, mestizo of Japanese mother and Haitian father, committed a fault by supporting a call to demonstrate against racism and discrimination at the […]

Lessons of the season: FC Bayern destroyed the divided league

The longest season in Bundesliga history is over, time to take stock. FC Bayern breaks a lot, except itself. Borussia Dortmund helps with the step to world class. In addition, there are learning processes about racism and a scorer who emulates Gerd Müller. FC Bayern destroyed all hopes For a short time the Bundesliga could […]

Proudly, Central and Newells raise the same flag

Society is taking small steps in the acquisition of rights. In topics of sexuality There were many conquests achieved in recent years, the product of long struggles, but it is still difficult to break with certain barriers, certain taboos that are just part of a macho and patriarchal society by nature. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, […]