Draft 2021: Yves Pons met the Spurs and the Celtics | NBA

Elected “Defensive Player of the Year” by the SEC in 2020, Yves Pons (1m98, 22) is one of the sixty players present in Chicago for the Draft Combine, and the Frenchman has scored points since the start of the rally, at both by his athleticism, but also by his ability to score from a distance.

A profile of “3-and-D” as appreciated by the NBA scouts, and his profile is reminiscent of that of Jae Crowder, able to defend on positions 2 to 4, and to be effective on a transition game.

For many, he is one of the best athletes in this Draft, and according to Forbes, he landed four tries with franchises: the Celtics, Spurs, Hornets and Wolves. Rarely mentioned in the “mock draft”, the French could take advantage of this Draft Combine to secure a place in the second round.


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