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DIRECT. England – Scotland: the English dangerous against solid Scots (0-0)

by archysport

The essential

  • Victorious in their first match against Croatia (1-0), the English can qualify tonight in the round of 16 if they win against Scotland.
  • The rivalry has existed for over 150 years between these two teams, who first met in 1872.
  • Defeated 2 goals to 0 against the Czech Republic on Monday, the Scots would see their qualifying chance reduced in the event of another setback.

Follow the England-Scotland meeting:

55 ′. James misses the frame !! The English ended up advancing in the Scottish half of the field. From the left, Kane serves James who strikes from the right, it goes just over Marshall’s goal.

53′. New long possession for England … 70 meters from the Scottish goal. The pace drops considerably. The English are struggling to create movement while the Scots are blocking their offensives.

51′. Stat’. The English have shot six times since the start of the meeting, it is once more than Scotland.

48 ′. THE MARSHALL PARADE !!! On a powerful strike from Mount, the Scottish goalkeeper folds well and manages to deflect for a corner as the English offensives multiply.

47′. The English get the first corner of the second half, after a good left combination initiated by Sterling. It is pushed back by the head by the Scottish defense.

46 ′. IT’S GOING BACK TO WEMBLEY! The English kick off this second act.

HALF TIME. This is the end of the first period at Wembley on this goalless draw. The English could have opened the scoring on this corner well received by the head by Stones. Pickford was decisive in the face of a good recovery from O’Donnell. Although dominated, the Scots remain strong and combative in defense. Everything remains to be done in this match!

45′. New corner for Scotland a bit spoiled as Robertson tried to combine. Pickford is not worried.

42′. The English regain possession at the end of the half. But the Scots remain strong in defense and push back the offensives. Real fight between the two teams!

38′. First corner for the Scots who reacted well after the first English opportunities. It is boxed by Pickford while the tension between the two teams is very present in the area!

34′. Mount is found on the left side at the entrance to the surface. He tries a cross of the right but he collapses when he crosses. Steve Clarke’s players retrieve the ball and ward off danger.

30′. O’DONNELLLLLLL !! What an opportunity for the Scots! After a hook on James, Tierney crossed to the far post. O’Donnell fixes the ball and tries a recovery, well stopped by the firm hand of Pickford! Adams recovers the ball but his attempt ends up out of goal. Wembley held its breath!

28 ′. New offside signaled on the English side! This time, it was Kane who had tried his luck by diving towards the goal.

24 ′. Stat ‘. Possession is English at the start of the match: 64%.

22′. Left side, Stones is penalized after a foul on Dykes. The ball is placed in the English area, without being dangerous.

19′. New corner for the men of Gareth Southgate who get the most frank chances since the start of this meeting. This time it was rejected by the defense.

17 ′. Third big opportunity for the English! Foden, gone at full speed, is found in the depths by Philips. He controls and strikes at the entrance to the box, it goes right next to Marshall’s goal. The assistant referee finally signals an offside.

15′. First yellow card of the meeting. McGinn is penalized for claiming a foul on Dykes.

14′. Stat’. The Scots have already committed 6 fouls since the start of this match.

12′. WHAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THE ENGLISH !!! On Mount’s well-taken corner, Stones leaps higher than the entire defense. His head comes crashing down on the post. Marshall was beaten!

11′. Sterling Festival left side leading the English offensive! First good attack placed for the English. Foden grabs the ball and serves Mount who shoots. It is countered. Corner !

8′. New free kick this time on the Scottish side after a Philips foul on Mc Ginn. Robertson takes care of it and rolls his shot well. But it is cleverly taken out by the English defense

6′. Kane gets a free kick after a foul from Mc Ginn about thirty meters from the goal. It is struck by Rice but Marshall is not worried and captures the ball well.

4 ′. First opportunity for Scotland! Superb combination on the right, O’Donnell crosses towards Adams who tries a low shot in front of goal. It is countered in extremis by Stones

3′. The English keep their foot on the ball in their half of the field. Foden tries to throw Philips on the right, it’s a bit too long. The Scottish goalkeeper can raise.

1′. GO TO WEMBLEY! The Scots kick off this meeting under the eyes of David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson.

20h59. Both teams put one knee to the ground before the start of this meeting.

20h55. The two teams make their entrance onto the pitch as it rains heavily in London! Make way for hymns!

20h52. 22,500 spectators are present at Wembley this evening. The match is refereed by Antonio Mateu Lahoz assisted by Pau Cebrián Devís and Roberto del Palomar.

20h45. Several changes to note also for England: Luke Shaw and Reece James are notably holders in a defense to 4.

England’s starting XI : Pickford – James, Stones, Mings, Shaw – K. Phillips, Rice, Mount – Sterling, Kane (cap.), Foden.

20h40. On the Scottish side, we note the tenure of young Gilmour, 20 years old. Tierney, who plays for Arsenal, is also part of the team which starts this meeting.

Scotland’s starting XI: Marshall – McTominay, Hanley, Tierney – O’Donnell, McGinn, Gilmour, McGregor, Robertson (cap.) – Dykes, Adams.

20h30. Hello everyone and welcome to our site to follow the match between England and Scotland live, counting for the second day of Euro 2021 in Group D. The match is scheduled to kick off. at 9 pm !

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