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Copa América 2021: National teams would travel to Brazil only on match day, Conmebol’s solution | America’s Cup 2021

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Only one day remains until the joint communication of the captains of the South American teams is known in which, according to it is said from Brazil, they would refuse to play the Copa América 2021, which would be a historic boycott and a lethal blow for Conmebol .

It is known that Brazil has decided to wait until the end of the qualifying round, this Tuesday, to make their disagreement public, a pulse that they maintained with the dismissed president of the CBF, Rogerio Caboclo, and that now they have coach Tite as a possible victim , of course the request of President Jair Bolsonaro himself.

Tension grows in the host country and conditions are adverse for the holding of the continental tournament, a reality that Conmebol sees with concern but that it would resolve with an unusual proposal. The plan is to play it as a Libertadores or a South American, even as the Champions League, which almost all the protagonists are used to: traveling alone on match day and returning home at the end.

Conmebol hopes to calm the spirits of the players, who have publicly expressed their concern about having to play in the country with higher numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus covid-19 in the entire region.

The version of the journalist Martín Liberman indicates that Argentina made this request and it was not only approved but also extended to the other 9 teams: “Argentina has already confirmed that it will base in Buenos Aires (Ezeiza),” he said.

The plan seems correct for them, who are less than three hours away from a central point like Río de Jaineiro, but for Colombia it would be average flights of almost 7 hours, assuming that the base is Barranquilla.

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Yes, they are private flights, comfortable, non-stop and with all the guarantees. But the question arises: isn’t the wear and tear of those long trips worse than trying a bubble like the one initially offered in Brazil and making local flights of a maximum of 2 hours?

This is what the coaching staff of the national team will have to evaluate, if it actually takes that offer so that players do not feel insecure when exposed to covid 19 infections. Waiting for the official offer from Conmebol And when, in theory, there are only six days until the ball rolls, everything remains uncertain.


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