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A nice way out to the East for Kristaps Porzingis?

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The more the days go by, the more the rumors around the departure of Kristaps Porzingis swell. the interior seems destined to leave the Mavs in order to pursue his career in the NBA. According to rumors, a franchise in the Eastern Conference would also like to secure its services.

Arrived with great fanfare in January 2018 in Dallas, Kristaps Porzingis however begins to become slowly but surely persona non grata over there. Once again disappointing in the regular season as in the playoffs, during which he was ghostly, the Latvian does not seem comfortable with the Mavs, and reports even indicate tensions between him and Luka Doncic.

Trade scenarios therefore began to be imagined for the Zinger to pack up, and for Dallas to gain something. And indeed, it seems that a first franchise is in the line to acquire it, according to Chris Crouse of FortyEightMinutes. According to the journalist, it would simply be the Wizards!

Kristaps Porzingis, who is reportedly frustrated with his situation in Dallas, is a name to watch. The front office continues to monitor Porzingis’ situation, but the price tag will be a big factor in whether or not the Wizards can strike a deal.

Back in the Eastern Conference for the former Knicks? Why not, as long as Washington does its part. Indeed, with 65 million in salary over the next two seasons (plus a player option for 2023-24), the boy is worth a lot, and it will take an equivalent consideration. Chris Crouse has already imagined a scenario in which the two franchises could finalize a deal:

Washington has the capacity to put in place an attractive package for Porzingis. The team’s first-round pick this season (slated to be No.11, depending on the draft lottery) and Davis Bertans would be a good starting point for negotiations. Porzingis could have a good fit on the pitch alongside Beal and Westbrook.

We will not hide it, the proposed package seems rather unattractive for Texans. However, they may have to resign themselves to this type of transaction concerning Porzingod. Indeed, recent rumors about its rating are not encouraging. It will therefore certainly be necessary to accept offers at a discount to separate from the player, unless a competitor really wants to welcome him.

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Among the potential destinations for Kristaps Porzingis, we can therefore add Washington to the list. Not the most glamorous drop-off point, but it just might be that Dallas like KP has no choice.

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