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Tobías Franchela returned to Ciclista Juninense • Diario Democracia

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Tobías Franchela returned to Ciclista Juninense after passing through Regattas Corrientes and spoke with Democracy. The point guard has not yet been able to unfold his full potential and explains his reasons. In addition, he spoke about the coaching staff among other topics.

– What balance do you make of the first matches?

– “Well, individually I am very demanding with myself and I am still not satisfied, I can give much more. Obviously it takes a process, but I am working hard to do my best and feel very confident for what is to come in the tournament, which will be very tough. Finals are coming and we have to be vigilant ”.

– You wanted to go back, didn’t you?

– “It is an inexplicable feeling that I missed playing at the Colosseum a lot, it is my second home and I will always feel proud to wear this shirt and play on our court. I am grateful to the whole green-haired family for always being there at all times and I am very fond of it ”.

– Do you think you still need adaptation?

– “I think it takes a process both to adapt to the team and to the way I play. I try to train hard every day and in each training to gain confidence to add the best of myself to the team and to what I need both in defense and attack. They all give me confidence and I am grateful. In addition, we have good internal competition ”.

– And does the coaching staff give you confidence?

– “I found a very committed and hard-working coaching staff, both Daniel (Jaule) and Sebastián (Villalba) received me very well and gave me a lot of confidence and that for the player is very important. As for the squad as well, the group is great, they integrated me in the best way, they are really very good guys and we are very united to give Ciclista the place it deserves ”.
– I imagine you will have a dialogue with Miguel Had, who made your return?

– “With Migui I am great, he is very attentive to me and he always transmitted his confidence to me so that I can be at the club. I am very grateful to him. And I see the club well, so we are all happy, “he concluded.

Fixture Junín

Quilmes 66 vs. South Park 73
Students (O) 57 vs. Students (C) 62
Cyclist 74 vs. Rocamora 78

Possible dates
Wednesday 9/6

11:00 – Quilmes vs. Students (C)
15:00 – Students (O) vs. Rocamora
17:30 – Cyclist vs. South Park

Thursday 10/6

11:00 – South Park vs. Students (O)
15:00 – Rocamora vs. Quilmes
17:30 – Students (C) vs. Cyclist

Saturday 12/6

16:30 – Cyclist vs. Students (O)

Fixture Lanús
Wednesday 9/6

10:30 – Rivadavia vs. Villa Miter
13:00 – Dep. Viedma vs. Racing
15:30 – Gymnastics vs. Of Progress
18:00 – Lanús vs. Athens

Thursday 10/6

10:30 – Del Progreso vs. Rivadavia
13:00 – Racing vs. Villa Mitre
15:30 – Athens vs. Gymnastics
18:00 – Dep. Viedma vs. Lanús

Saturday 12/6

10:30 – Del Progreso vs. Racing
13:00 – Gymnastics vs. Dep. Viedma
15:30 – Rivadavia vs. Athens
18:00 – Lanús vs. Villa Miter

Sunday 6/13

10:30 – Dep. Viedma vs. Rivadavia
13:00 – Racing vs. Atenas
15:30 – Villa Miter vs. Gymnastics
18:00 – Del Progreso vs. Lanús

Tuesday 15/6

11:00 – Racing vs. Rivadavia.

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