Tiger Woods speaks out after his accident: “the most painful experience of my life”

Three months after seriously injuring his leg in a car accident near Los Angeles, Tiger Woods is in the midst of rehabilitation. The man with the 15 titles in Major gave an interview to Golf Digest to talk about his convalescence.

“A much more difficult experience this time”

« It was a much more difficult experience this time. I understand the rehab processes better due to my previous injuries, but this one was more painful than anything I have ever experienced “, Explained Woods in particular.

The rehabilitation aims to strengthen his right leg, which suffered traumatic injuries when he lost control of his vehicle on the morning of February 23. According to a report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Woods was speeding when he found himself on the wrong side of Hawthorne Avenue and ended up hitting a tree. Authorities said there was no indication that Woods was intoxicated while driving.

Uncertainties persist

While it’s still unclear whether further medical interventions will be needed, or whether Woods will be able to regain all his strength in his leg, the American makes no comment when asked if he can hope to play golf a second time. day. ” My physical therapy keeps me busy. I’m doing my routines every day and I’m focusing on my number 1 goal right now: being able to walk on my own. I take the steps one after the other. »

The players always support

A number of PGA Tour players have visited Woods in recent months. The general feeling is that the former world number 1 is in good shape and in a good mood. Ahead of his Players Championship victory in March, Justin Thomas described encouraging messages from Tiger, who was watching the tournament from home.

« I’m happy and I hope him too, and I always appreciate his helpThomas said. If you’d told us when we were 15 or 20 that Tiger Woods would text us the night before a potential win trying to inspire us, that’s pretty cool ».

Shortly after the Masters, Woods posted a photo on Instagram where he can be seen smiling, on crutches and in a walking boot. ” It’s funny because in this photo the crutches really make my shoulders look wide! ” he said. ” It may also be due to the workouts. It’s good to have the opportunity to stay strong and work your upper body. »

… and around the world

The support he received from around the world was a source of motivation for Woods. ” It was amazing did he declare. I have had so much support from people inside and outside of golf it means a lot to me and has helped me tremendously. »



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