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Reinaldo Rueda Selection Colombia press conference on the departure of James Rodríguez from Selection | Colombia selection

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In the midst of the storm due to the issue of James Rodríguez and his departure from the National Team, Reinaldo Rueda He spoke at a press conference about what happened and the communication he had with the player.

Let us remember that the Cucuteño midfielder was disabled due to physical issues, a situation that leaves him out of the double round of Qualifiers and the Copa América.

“” Prior to the Federation’s statement, I met with James by phone for the results of the examinations and what was the review of the exchange of information between the Medical Department of the Colombian Soccer Federation and Everton, regarding the current situation of James ”, expressed the coach.

Thus, at once, Reinaldo made it clear that there was a prior notice to the Colombian captain regarding the decision he would make. All based on worrying medical reports from his team in England, as it just became known.

The absence of JamesEven before his arrival in the country, it was almost certain and it ended up happening.

“” Because of the decision that we must take care of him, we know the importance of James for the National Team and our immediate future, of the future games that come to us, as I explained to James. The three of September, the three of October, the two of November, the two of January ”, he declared.

In this vein, the national coach made the decision “evaluating all the situations that have been presented to him this semester” to deactivate it for these upcoming dates.

Thus, according to the former National, the objective is not to “abuse or hasten his recovery” and to have it 100% in what comes.

“That is why I told him that I made the decision to disengage him from the call so that he could make the recovery as appropriate, with the terms, prudent times and his readjustment to the competition so that perhaps he can enjoy a full preseason and be able to have him in the near future” , argument.

And he even left a reflection on the matter: “I prefer to sacrifice him now and not have him with his full potential as has been happening in recent tournaments and as he has suffered at his club.” With the above on the table, Reinaldo’s only objective, he said, is to take care of the player.

Precisely on the recovery of the cucuteño, the DT was clear: “This time terms are very relative. I think other experiences have taught us: anxiety, the desire of the player to always be here, to meet his teammates, to contribute all his talent to the National Team. All this causes these situations to occur, one as a coach, unconsciously, precipitates these reappearances and then we have seen the consequences in other situations ”.

Rueda delved into the physical issue of James, stating that it is not only the “healing of a recurrent injury in the same place” but that other concepts come into play such as “the readjustment to competition” and also “the preparation for a tournament of the requirement of the Copa América with a frequency of continuous games ”.

“The National Team requires the James we all fell in love with … the National Team needs him when he’s at 500% because 100% is not enough.”

Finally, he referred to the statement from Rodríguez Rubio, once the Federation made public its withdrawal from international matches. For Rueda, “the reaction he had on 10 is normal”.

“In the dialogue we had the day before, he expressed his feelings to me and it is normal. If I put myself in James’ shoes, and as the captains have done in solidarity with him, I feel the same. Their reaction is normal. He is a player, he wants to play, he wants to be in the National Team and even more he who has lived glorious moments ”, he pointed out.

Likewise, he considers that the statement “is not strong” but simply “is the pain of a moment that needs a duel.” His words to the captain were: “Think about it, reconsider, in a few months we will talk and see how you feel.”

Without controversy, word of more, opinions divided. Reinaldo put out the fire …


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