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Noami Osaka tries to prevent mental health problems in sports

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HHigh-performance athletes, it is said, have to be crazy, driven by a killer mentality, and obsessed with victory to be successful. When they have achieved their lofty goals, the world admires them for their bite – although their extreme ambition also indicates which psychological border crossers are currently the stars among them. The world is waiting for their next great deed or for them to fall from the sky again. The celebrated feel trapped: Loss of control and the obligation to deliver threaten to make them sick.

Top athletes are expected to be superheroes, Lindsey Vonn said at an event organized by the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission on mental health this week. The once best female ski racer in the world was only able to free herself from her predicament when she revealed that she had been taking psychotropic drugs for her depression for years. The inner pressure to drive yourself to peak performance may have individual, biographical reasons.

To take responsibility

But the environment, the trainers, supervisors, the associations and the big marketers who need the athletes’ heart and soul for their lucrative shows must take responsibility for ensuring that they do not break. Awareness and offers of help have increased in recent years, but it is difficult to reach those affected. Which athlete wants to show weakness?

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Although elite athletes are no more likely to experience depression than other people, their problems are specific. The opinion-loving tennis player Naomi Osaka recently made this clear. She announced that she would no longer appear at press conferences during the upcoming French Open, despite the threat of fines. She often feels that the people there have no sense of the mental health of athletes.


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