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Juventus, Andrea Pirlo sacked. The Master does not take it well

by archysport

The Juventus he exonerated Andrea Pirlo after a season: the announcement came from the Juventus club, which is about to embrace Massimiliano Allegri again.

This is the note from the Old Lady: “Thanks Andrea. These are the first words that all of us must pronounce at the end of this special experience lived together. A few months ago, Andrea Pirlo, an icon of world football, began a new adventure on the Juventus bench, his first as a coach ”.

To do so, it takes courage first of all, as well as awareness of one’s own means, especially in a period marked by a thousand difficulties, with the world forced by the pandemic to reinvent its own rules day after day ”.

“Andrea did it too: he started (and we are sure of this: his will be a brilliant coaching career) a journey of transformation, seeking, and often managing, to bring his ideas and his experience as a champion to the field from the “other side” of the fence “.

Pirlo does not go away empty-handed: he won the Coppa Italia and an Italian Super Cup. “And since in football what counts are the victories that are put on the bulletin board, let’s remember: in a few months his Juve has raised two trophies and brought home brilliant victories on the most prestigious fields, from San Siro to Camp Nou “.

“For all this, for the courage, the dedication, the passion with which he faced every day, for the successes obtained, our thanks really comes from the heart. As well as our good luck for a future that will surely be beautiful“.

Andrea Pirlo shortly after on Instagram he greeted like that, not hiding a certain bitterness: “My first season as a manager has ended. It has been an intense, complicated but in any case wonderful year. When I was called by Juventus I never thought about the risk I was running, although it was quite evident. Respect for the colors of this shirt prevailed and the desire to get involved at the highest levels for the project that was proposed to me. If I had to go back I would make exactly the same choice, although aware of all the obstacles I encountered related to such a difficult period for everyone, which prevented me from planning my intentions and my style of play in the best possible way, but during which, however, I have achieved the objectives that were asked of me“.

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“This adventure, despite an ending that I did not expect, made it even clearer what I would like my future to be, which I hope is just as complete and full of satisfactions as the one I experienced as a footballer. It’s time to get back in the game and face new challenges. However, I want to thank the Juventus family and all those who have been close to me this season ”.

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