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Igniting the “Red Engine” and Building a Strong “Battle Fortress”——Wei Sumu Party Committee of Mengwu Room of Ergun City Leads the Development of Various Undertakings with Party Building_Hulunbuir News-Hulunbuir Daily

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In recent years, the Wei Sumu Party Committee of Mengwushi in Ergun City has led by grassroots party building to build a strong “red engine” and a strong “battle fortress”, achieving a good situation of rapid economic development, gradual improvement of people’s livelihood, and social stability and harmony. , The successful completion of the “Thirteenth Five-Year” plan has contributed to the construction of an important ecological security barrier in northern my country and a security and stability barrier in the northern border of the motherland.
Demonstration of party building to create a new situation of harmony and unity. The Wei Sumu Party Committee of the Mengwu room continued to strengthen the construction of the grassroots party building corridor in northern Xinjiang, jointly carried out the improvement of the living environment, the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, etc., and organized the basketball competitions, theatrical performances and other activities, and continued to gather the people in the common service area. Together, let the party flag fly high in the northern borders of the motherland. Focusing on the national work theme of “Common unity and struggle, common prosperity and development”, firmly establish the “three inseparable” ideas, insist on national unity as a key task, and create the glory of the party to reflect the hearts of the people in northern Xinjiang and northern Xinjiang. Lively situation. In 2019, the Sumu Party Committee was rated as a model group of ethnic unity and progress at the autonomous region level. Persist in building the foundation of party building, promote poverty alleviation, and achieve stable alleviation of poverty for all poor households in 2020. By conscientiously carrying out forest and grassland fire prevention and cracking down on illegal mining of wild medicinal materials, and setting up “river length”, “road length”, “forest length” and “border line control officers” in accordance with local conditions, the ecological environment of Mengwu Shiwei has improved year by year, and people are in harmony with each other. The harmony of nature is the background color for the development of various undertakings, and the green water and green mountains have truly become the golden mountains and silver mountains.
Driven by party building, infrastructure construction adds vitality. The Mogul Chamber Wei Sumu Party Committee firmly grasped the main theme of “Grasping Party Building and Promoting Development”, strictly implemented democratic centralism, kept a close eye on the shortcomings of regional development and people’s livelihood, scientifically planned and implemented projects. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the roads were all hardened and consolidated The oil paving upgrade was completed, drainage ditches, road shoulders, and pedestrian walkways were fully covered, and garbage and sewage removal equipment and transfer sites were successively improved. Taking the road lighting and the village appearance reconstruction project as the “axis”, 425 Mengyuan style street lamps were installed, realizing the full coverage of the beautification and lighting of Shiwei Village. Plan the “North District” leisure and sightseeing area, and build the Mengyuan-style Unity Plaza, equipped with a 13-meter-high viewing platform, Mongolian horse sculptures, landscape lighting and other auxiliary facilities. In the “South District”, the Shiwei “1908 City that never sleeps” was built and a bonfire party was held. With 1055 Yanchang meters of sightseeing road and 630 square meters of landscape platform as the landscape “belt” of Yanjiang Road, a roaming leisure system of “one axis, two districts, one belt” has been constructed, which further extends the tourism industry chain, and becomes a joint center with the Amur Culture and Sports Exchange Center. The new landmark of Su Mu. Supported the construction of scenic spots such as Olochi Manor and Efeng Manor, and the regional public infrastructure and tourism carrying capacity have been continuously enhanced.
Leading by party building, planning a new pattern of tourism development. Only by adhering to the leadership of the party and adhering to the correct development direction can we build a solid foundation for the healthy development of tourism. According to the advantages of regional tourism resources and the development of the tourism industry, the Mengwushi Wei Sumu Party Committee made scientific planning and careful deployment to further promote “tourism + sports” and “tourism + culture”. Undertook the “Party Building Cup” Hulunbuir City’s second adult basketball championship, and the Wei Sumu employee basketball team of the Mengwu room, representing Ergun City, won the championship again. The construction of the “Charming Room Wei·Basketball Town” that integrates sports and leisure tourism has been put on the agenda. Successfully held three “Russian National Culture Festival and Basque Festival” to support the masses to create tourism products such as Russian weddings and Russian households. “Mengyuan Cultural Festival” has become another beautiful business card of the Mengwu room Wei Sumu after the top ten charming towns in China. The tourist villages with Shiwei Village and Linjiang Village as the core, the source of Mongolia·Mengwu Shiwei Folk Culture Park, Oloci Manor, Sino-Russian Boundary River Friendship Bridge, cruise ship dock, Boundary River Grand Stage, Efeng Manor, Eagle The tourism development pattern based on scenic spots such as the mouth and other scenic spots has initially taken shape, covering many aspects such as Mongolian source, Russian customs, boundary river, ecology, sightseeing agriculture and so on. In 2017, Shiwei Village was rated as the National Ecological and Cultural Village. In 2019, Shiwei Village was selected as one of the first batch of “National Key Villages for Rural Tourism” and “China’s Beautiful Leisure Villages”. The number of tourists and the scale of tourism income continue to increase, with an average annual reception of more than 1 million tourists, and the tourism industry is showing a sustained, healthy and rapid development trend.

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