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CNOSF: triathlon is rolling for Thierry Rey

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Less than a month before the election of Denis Masseglia’s successor to the presidency of the CNOSF, on June 29, each of the four candidates counts its support among the 108 federations called upon to vote. If the former world champion Patrice Martin, who left the first last November, does not want to show his support, the former international footballer Brigitte Henriques claims several dozen and many presidents regularly announce their vote in his favor on the networks social.

Between the two, Emmanuelle Bonnet-Oulaldj, co-president of the Sports and Gymnastics Federation of Labor (FSGT) ensures that she can count on ” important supports “, As she specified on May 27 during the presentation of the programs of the four candidates, and the Olympic judo champion Thierry Rey says he does not want to display them” like hunting trophies “. He can nevertheless count on the vote of Cédric Gosse, president of the French Triathlon Federation, after those already posted by Stéphane Nomis (judo), Gilles Sezionale (swimming) and Gilles Moretton (tennis).

June 16

This is the date of the grand oral of the four candidates for the headquarters of the CNOSF

Meeting last weekend, the executive board of the FFTri has indeed decided to give it its voice. ” The federation wishes to be an actor in this campaign, and not wait-and-see, in order to promote our ideas and our values. », Explains Cédric Gosse. We will enter a mandate where the calendar will be very important with the presidential elections and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024. The voice of sport must be carried by a leader and we believe that Thierry Rey can be the right person », Continues the leader elected last December.

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In a press release, the FFTri underlines that the current special advisor for Paris 2024 “ demonstrated during the official presentation of the four candidates to the CNOSF (Thursday May 27) that he had the stuff and the expected vision of a leader of the French sports movement “. The FFTri which had challenged, with seven other federations in April, the four candidates by sending them thirteen questions, appreciated that Rey and Bonnet-Oulaldj answer them. Cédric Gosse also applied to be present on the future board of directors of the CNOSF. “ I want to be an actor and engaged », He emphasizes.


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