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Gymnastics: searches, exits and 15 names in the market

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With Luís Rodríguez as the top figure, the transfer market was loaded with names in Lobo and today Matini, Messera, Pellegrini and Perrone will make a diagnosis of how each negotiation is and will define a list of priorities to work on next week.

But in Gymnastics they must not only define the reinforcements that the leadership promised to the technical duo, but they must begin to close some situations of players who are still in the squad and who are not going to continue.


Gymnastics and the search for reinforcements

As the days went by, the Gymnastics pass market was loaded with names and different actors work every day seeking to bring reinforcements as soon as possible, thinking of a season that appears as important.

Several relevant names appear in the intention of Gymnastics, but reality threatens desire and today some of them seem to be far from becoming reinforcements.

The name of Luís Rodríguez, for which the leadership remains firm in its intention, and waits for the right moment to start negotiating, is joined by others of international relevance such as Facundo Quignon and Diego Polenta. Today these two seem impossible and behind are their alternatives.

Polenta portada.jpg

As possible arrivals, and replacements of these names that today are far from the economic, the leadership of Gimnasia works in the situations of Guillermo Fratta, Nicolás Colazo and Cristian Vega.

Similar situation happens up front, area for which they were offered Nicolas Blandi Y Gonzalo bergessio, but for which the economic situation makes it difficult to meet their demands. Behind these, appear Rodrigo Salinas and Yuriel Celi, the latter a bet that the leadership seeks.

Yuriel Celi.jpg

They go to gymnastics

No less is the number of players that appear on the list of departures and possible casualties. As we have already been reporting on CIELOSPORTS.COM, Victor Ayala Y Lucas Barrios They will not continue on the campus, as their contracts expire in June and the leadership will not make any effort to retain them. The technical duo awaits their replacements.

But the list of Gymnastics starts could be loaded with other names in the course of the weeks, since some players should seek to add minutes in other clubs such as the cases of Nicolás Contín, Maximiliano Comba Y Matías Pérez García.

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